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[V Report Plus] Gong Myung teases fans with Elle photos

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Updated : August 13 2017

(Naver's V app)
Gong Myung shared a clip from a photo shoot for fashion magazine Elle’s September issue via Naver’s V app Saturday.

“I turned on the V app because I wanted to share about my looks,” he said. He was wearing a white shirt, and his hair was ash blonde.

He teased fans by saying, “Are you curious about the photos? Do you want to see them? If you want to see the photos, please check them out in Elle’s September issue.”

Gong Myung was recently featured in the drama series “Bride of the Water God” as a god of the sky, named Biryum. “I was done with shooting the drama a few days ago,” he said. “Now I am getting some sleep.”

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