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[V Report Plus] Lee Joon-gi shoots grueling action scenes in ‘Criminal Minds’

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Updated : August 10 2017

(Naver V app)
Behind-the scenes footage of Lee Joon-gi shooting the drama “Criminal Minds” was unveiled via the Naver V app Thursday.

The clip opened with a chase scene in which Lee was running after a criminal.

Following the grueling chase, a staff member asked Lee what he does to build up his physical strength.

Lee described how he saves energy, saying, “When I have free time, I put myself into a deep sleep, as if going into hibernation.”

Lee was later seen filming an intense fight scene in which he almost got hit by another actor.

“In my previous roles (in action films), I usually played the role of the attacker so I have never been hit like this before,” he said jokingly.

Lee plays the detective agent Hyun-joon in “Criminal Minds,” a remake of the eponymous American TV series.

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