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[V Report Plus] Three reasons for ‘YG Bear’ popularity

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Updated : August 08 2017

(Naver V app)
Krunk, a representative character of YG Entertainment referred to as the “YG Bear,” revealed the reasons behind its popularity, in a V app video broadcast Tuesday.

Krunk was first introduced through singer Lee Hi’s music video of “It’s Over” in 2013, becoming a representative character of the agency.

The character has enjoyed high popularity as its Instagram account has drawn more than 194,000 followers. The V app video suggested fashion, dance skills and design skills were the three factors behind the character’s popularity.

The character has collaborated with various fashion brands, appeared in fashion spreads and participated in fashion events, including at Seoul Fashion Week in 2015.

In collaborations with other fields such as culture and fashion, the character is trying to surpass the limits of the character industry, YG Entertainment said.

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