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Girls’ Generation‘s Sooyoung talks about boyfriend Jung Kyung-ho

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Updated : May 18 2017

Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation opened up about her boyfriend Jung Kyung-ho on Wednesday‘s episode of tvN’s “Taxi.”

Sooyoung, left, and her sister Choi Soo-jin (tvN)
Appearing on the show with her sister Choi Soo-jin, a musical actress, Sooyoung said she likes men with a big build.

“I like men who are really nice to me, but who are also very manly and chic,” said Sooyoung.

Asked if her boyfriend Jung fit in to that category, she replied, “You don’t necessarily date your ideal type.”

“I think the only person who can date my sister is Jung. He never gets angry at her and always sees eye to eye with her,” said Sooyoung’s sister Choi.

Choi also said Jung makes jokes a lot and is good at making other people laugh.

Jung and Sooyoung, who had been close friends since 2012, confirmed their relationship in 2014.

By Hong Dam-young (

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