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Actress Kim Ok-bin hopes to do justice to female action scenes in ‘Villainess’

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Updated : May 11 2017

“The Villainess” actress Kim Ok-bin said she felt a heavy sense of responsibility as the heroine of an action-filled film.

Kim Ok-bin (left) and Shin Ka-kyun attend a press conference for “The Villainess” at CGV Wangsimni, Thursday. (Yonhap)
“I felt like I had to do a good job in order for people to invest more in women-led action movies,” she said at a press conference for the film, ahead of its Cannes premiere, at CGV Wangsimni, Thursday.

In the film, which has been invited to the midnight screening portion of the Cannes Film Festival taking place from Thursday to May 27, Kim plays Suk-hee, a female assassin who has been trained as the Korean military’s secret weapon.

Shin Ha-kyun plays another mysterious killer.

Director Jung Byung-kil said he tried his best not to use computer graphics for the film, focusing on long shots of real action over editing.

“I tried to shoot from an angle that no one has shot from before, rather than use references from other films,” he said. Smaller cameras were employed in the shooting of the film, he said.

“The Villainess” will open in local theaters in June.

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