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Ji Hyun-woo learns fencing for drama role

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Updated : April 20 2017

Ji Hyun-woo is receiving intensive fencing lessons ahead of his role in an upcoming drama.

Earlier this month the actor began learning fencing from Jeon Hee-sook, a top-ranking Korean foil fencer, at the Olympic Fencing Gymnasium in Seoul to prepare for his role in the new MBC drama “Thief, Thief.” The actor is reportedly taking lessons six days a week to make his skills look authentic.

In the drama that is set to air in mid-May, Ji plays a thief named Jang Dol-mok, a former fencer equipped with outstanding athletic ability. Jang runs a messenger office during the day and turns into a thief during the night.

The 50-episode series is about a band of thieves who use their skills to challenge Korea’s elite social class. It co-stars Seohyun of Girls’ Generation, Kim Ji-hoon and Im Joo-eun.

Jeon, Ji’s coach, won the gold in women’s foil individual at the Incheon Asian Games in 2014.

By Hong Dam-young (

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