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Next administration should create single body focused on media: seminar

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Updated : April 13 2017

Experts called for the creation of a unified media-focused government organization during a seminar on media credibility at the Korea Press Center in Seoul on Wednesday.

Experts participate in a seminar on boosting the credibility of media and developing it into a competitive industry, held Wednesday at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu on Seoul. (Yonhap)
“In the future, a media-related government body needs to form a policy frame aimed at strengthening the public function of news media such as newspapers, broadcast news and online outlets, and a support system to develop (media) into a competitive industry,” said Kim Dong-kyu, Dean of Konkuk University’s Graduate School of Mass Communication and Public Relations, at the seminar hosted by the National Assembly’s Education, Culture, Sports & Tourism Committee and the Korean Association of Newspapers.

The next administration should create a single government body focused on media and allow it to both serve public interest and become a competitive industry, Kim said.

Media-related issues are handled by departments scattered throughout different government bodies, leading to much confusion in policy, according to Rep. Yoo Sung-yup, chairman of the education committee.

“The next administration needs to plan a comprehensive media policy and bring together media-related departments dispersed throughout the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, the Korea Communications Commission and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism,” said Rep. Kim Byung-wook of the liberal Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Rep. Yeom Dong-yeol of the conservative Liberty Korea Party asserted that “the creation of a body that encompasses newspaper, media and communications policies could be effective in terms of policy efficiency, but it should be approached via a public debate process.”

By Rumy Doo (

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