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Sistar’s Soyou and Dasom live the dream in Las Vegas

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Updated : March 19 2017

Sistar’s Soyou and Dasom traveled to Las Vegas as part of the entertainment TV show “Battle Trip.”

The program pairs two celebrities as travel companions and closely follows their adventures. The episode featuring Soyou and Dasom aired Saturday.

On “Battle Trip,” a trip planner maps out an ideal route and activities for the stars, according to their desired theme of travel.

Soyou and Dasom’s trip was part of a special series for the North America region under the theme “bucket list.”

They enjoyed both daring and luxurious activities including going on the amusement ride Stratosphere, dubbed “the scariest ride in the world,” testing a car on a race circuit, going around the city in a limousine tour and stopping over at clubs.

By Lim Jeong-yeo (

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