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Suzy unveils track list for solo debut

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Updated : January 11 2017

(Suzy’s official Facebook page)
Move over Big Bang, Suzy is about to drop a bomb.

The singer unveiled Wednesday the list of tracks for her upcoming album “Yes? No?” which will be the first solo album from MissA’s youngest member.

The album, to be released on Jan. 24, will feature six songs, including the main track “Yes No Maybe.”

According to Suzy’s agency JYP Entertainment, the song was inspired by a personal conversation between the 23-year-old and Park Jin-young, the singer-producer CEO of JYP Entertainment. Park has a reputation for successfully producing K-pop superstars including Rain, Twice, Wonder Girls, 2PM and GOT7.

One of the songs, “Pretending To Be Happy,” written by local songwriter Armadillo, will be released on Jan. 17. According to officials, it is an R&B song featuring stories of people who are in agony and pain on the inside, but pretend to be happy due to fear of ridicule by others.

In addition to her voice, Suzy provided the lyrics for two of the songs, including track “Les Preferences.”

By Yoon Min-sik (

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