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[V Report] JYJ’s Junsu bids farewell before joining military

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Updated : January 10 2017

Broadcast date: Jan. 9
Starring: JYJ’s Junsu and T-ara

JYJ’s Junsu

Naver's V app

K-pop trio JYJ’s Junsu bid farewell to his global fans through Naver’s V app Monday, promising to hold a gala show with his bandmates after finishing his compulsory military duty.

The 29-year-old singer is scheduled to begin his two-year military service starting next month.

During the live broadcast, Junsu talked about his upcoming military enlistment and the farewell live performance for fans.

“After this event, I would be gone for a while to the military,” he said. “And today, I’d like to sing you this song, ‘Living You Keeps Me Alive.’”

“I shed tears many times while singing a song, but this song is particularly more heartbreaking,” he said.

In response, his musical colleagues who attended the broadcast with him conveyed words of encouragement. “Come back safe,” one of them said.

Earlier this week, the singer and actor held the last performance of musical “Death Note” at the Opera Theater of Seoul Arts Center.

Junsu took on the role of Detective L, one of the two main characters in the musical.


Naver's V app

Girl group T-ara talked about a trip to Vietnam while putting on a “meokbang,” or eating broadcast.

Members of the idol group, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon, took to Naver’s V app Monday, dressed up in traditional formal costume of Vietnam, the ao dai.

In white stylish ao dai, the women gathered around a table to try Vietnam’s most famous cuisine, rice noodle dishes.

Eunjung expressed excitement, saying the “rice noodles and other Vietnamese-style cuisines are my favorite, so I try them often.”

Besides rice noodles, they were served bun cha -- a dish of grilled pork and noodles -- and cha gio -- eggrolls with rice paper.

While dining, the group was joined by a teacher to learn to speak some Vietnamese, including “I’m hungry” and “I’m happy.”

T-ara is set to depart for Vietnam on Monday to attend the Naver Awards.

“It’s a place full of pleasant memories,” Eunjung said. “Last time we visited there, fans offered the warmest welcome.”

Asked by Qri what she remembered the most fondly from visiting there, Eunjung said, “It was when we first arrived at the airport and were welcomed by so many fans.”

Qri also shared with fans her recent trip to the US. “I really liked it there too,” she said. “I thought it would be really nice if we all go to the states together for a vacation.”

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