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[V Report] What are personal interests and preferences of EXO’s Lay?

  • Published : Nov 26, 2016 - 00:27
  • Updated : Nov 26, 2016 - 00:27

Broadcast date
: Nov. 25
Starring: Lay of EXO, Kim Hee-sun, B1A4

Lay of EXO


K-pop boy group EXO’s Lay answered a series of questions about his personal interests and preferences, ranging from his favorite clothing accessories and animals to his hopes for the future, during a live broadcast on the V app Friday.

During the talk session titled “S.M. The Artist: Lay Edition,” Lay picked out multiple fortune cookies from a bowl, answering the questions from the paper slips inside the cookies.

“What is closer to Lay’s preference: A scarf or a glove?” Lay read out loud. “I’d have to say scarves are closer to my preference! They are both warm, but gloves are uncomfortable,” he said.

“Of course the technology has upgraded to a point where we now have gloves that can be used on smartphones. Even so, I still think gloves are uncomfortable to wear,”

When asked whether he is a cat or dog person, Lay said he likes both. He went on to point out that he is also a fan of animals such as rabbits and sheep. “All animals are cute and our friends, I think.”

As for what he would like to see if he could look into the future, the Chinese EXO member said he wished to see all of his albums lined out in a row.

“My recently released single ‘Lose Control’ is like my son. If I could see my ‘sons’ all lined up at once, it would make me so happy,” he said.

Lay also answered some simple questions about food, including whether he prefers fried or marinated chicken. “Can I pick something else? I really like the ‘tornado potatoes’ that are curly, crispy and great,” he said.

The EXO member later went on to compose some new tunes on a keyboard using a select pool of sentences suggested by fans and viewers watching Lay’s broadcast.

Kim Hee-sun


South Korean actress Kim Hee-sun discussed how her opinion on giving and sharing has changed since she became a mother, during a live V app broadcast Friday.

Kim greeted fans before entering a video shoot for the “Let’s Share the Heart” charity campaign, in which many local celebrities are publicly participating.

“It’s so cool to see the comments appear in real time!” Kim exclaimed. “I’m here today to promote the ‘Let’s Share the Heart’ campaign organized by mobile media Allets and V Live.”

“Now that I am married and have a kid, I think I’ve become more interested in charity,” Kim said. “Before, I only took care of myself and those close to me, which is something I’ve been regretting.”

“Now as a parent, I’m naturally more inclined to take interest in giving and sharing,” she added.

Closing up the brief interview session, Kim made several heart gestures to her fans and viewers tuning in to her broadcast, wishing them a happy new year.



K-pop boy band B1A4 unveiled a teaser clip of the music video for “It’s a Lie,” the lead track off the group’s upcoming third studio album “Good Timing,” via the V app Friday.

“It’s a Lie” was personally written by B1A4’s Jinyoung, according to local reports. In the music video, Jinyoung appears on the beach and a grass field with a woman, whose face can’t be seen.

B1A4’s new album is set to feature 13 tracks, all of which were personally written by the group’s members. The album is slated for official release on Monday.

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By Sohn Ji-young (jys@heraldcorp.com)

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