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[V Report] BTOB’s Hyunsik becomes Eunkwang’s makeup artist

  • Published : Nov 22, 2016 - 14:32
  • Updated : Nov 22, 2016 - 14:32

Broadcast date: Nov. 21
Starring: Mamamoo, Red Velvet, Imfact, Oh My Girl, April’s Jinsol, BTOB, Twice, I.O.I


(Naver V app)
BTOB’s Hyunsik aired a rare beauty show in which he demonstrated how the boy band’s members applied makeup for on-camera activities.

Eunkwang joined the broadcast as Hyunsik’s assistant.

Hyunsik first wiped off the makeup Eunkwang was wearing and then proceeded to apply skin care products and makeup.

Eunkwang complimented Hyunsik on the latter’s surprisingly adept makeup skills.

“This is exactly how it felt when the makeup artists were working on me,” Eunkwang said while helping Hyunsik choose the correct products for each step of the process.

Eunkwang requested for a burgundy shade of eyeshadow. Hyunsik applied reddish eyeshadow to one eye and a bluish tint to the other, creating a pseudo-Harley Quinn look for Eunkwang.

BTOB’s Peniel and Changsub also joined the broadcast to greet their fans on the V app. Changsub appeared on the show, while Peniel was seen through a video call as he was in the middle of a bowling game.

The video received over 13 million hearts as of 10 a.m. the next morning.


(Naver V app)
K-pop group Twice shared a behind-the-scenes clip of the making of a season’s greeting package on the V app Monday.

The members shot photos that will appear in 2017 desk calendars as well as some Polaroid snaps that will be given out to a select number of fan club members based on a lottery.

Almost all of the group’s nine members wanted their pictures featured on their birthday months.

Jihyo was born in February, Mina in March, Chaeyoung in April, Dahyun in May, Tzuyu in June, Nayeon in September, Jeongyeon and Momo in November and Sana in December.

Although Sana wanted to be featured in the month of December, the sleeveless outfit she was made to wear for the photoshoot had her guessing she would probably wind up being featured in one of the summer months.

As for November, Momo said she did not mind not being featured in her birthday month as long as Jeongyeon did not either -- for the sake of being fair.

Jihyo said she is OK with October, as Twice debuted that month, or May because that was when the group had their first No. 1 win.

Nayeon urged fans to purchase the calendars so that they would be bale to see Twice everyday on their desks.

“Thank you so much for giving Twice so much love for the last year,” Nayeon said, “We are going to work harder to find ways to thank you somehow.”

The garnered over 2 million hearts as of 10 a.m. the next day.


(Naver V app)
Eleven-member group I.O.I. joined the “Lets Share the Heart” charity campaign Monday.

The campaign is a collaboration between online fashion magazine Allets and the search portal Naver. It has featured a slew of Hallyu stars before, including singer-actress Suzy.

The group’s members took turns drawing lots and answering random personal questions.

Doyeon said the fashion point she most cares about is red lips. Somi said hers was furry slippers or crocs, anything that is comfortable.

Sejeong said what she wants to do the most in winter is to ski with her groupmates and have a barbeque.

Mina said the talent she wants to use to benefit others is her cooking skills.

Somi mentioned that the group’s members were divided into black and white teams, according to the clothing they had on. The black team put emphasis on their lip colors while the white team emphasized their eye makeup.

Sejeong urged fans to check out the video that will be released on Nov. 28 to find out the reason why they were dressed up in a contrasting theme.

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