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Park Bo-gum interview pt. 1: ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’

  • Published : Oct 26, 2016 - 18:24
  • Updated : Oct 26, 2016 - 18:28

When the K-pop Herald sat down with “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds” actor Park Bo-gum on Wednesday, it became apparent very quickly why he was recently called the nations “No. 1 candidate for son-in-law” -- no mother-in-law could disapprove of a talented actor with a squeaky-clean image.

For an hour Park was more than happy to answer questions that fans submitted to the K-pop Herald. Below is a transcript of the first half of the interview.

Q: What was it like acting with Kim Yoo-jung? [Question submitted by Nurul Aqilah (Malaysia), Burieva Khursheda (Russia) and Marychel Tiongson (the Philippines)]

“Kim was more experienced in acting in a historic series and has been through a wider scope of roles. I admire her professionalism, like how she gets immersed in a scene, how she conveys emotions and how meticulous she is with her lines. She helped me understand a point that I had missed.”

“At first it was a bit awkward to be together, but day after day, we became closer, to the degree that we would burst out laughter if we made eye contact with each other. One day, we were told that we were too noisy before a take.”

Q: What is your favorite line from ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’? [Question submitted by Emmy Kho (Indonesia), Emerald (the Philippines), Arwenyka (Indonesia) and Endah Purwaningsih (Indonesia)]

“I‘ll say, ’Lee Young, that‘s my name’ (in the third episode). That line was the most remarkable to me because it served as a breakthrough in the relationship between the prince and the eunuch.”

“I thought, there were many more lines that would be helpful in everyday life, but I cannot remember them now. I will have to look it over again. I just arrived back here yesterday. My apologies for not fully preparing for the interview.”

Q: Were there any challenges to playing the role of Crown Prince Lee Young?
[Question submitted by Stella (Russia) and Joyce San Pedro (Canada)]

“It was awkward to play the light-hearted character of the Crown Prince in the beginning of the series. I lost confidence. I doubted I could make it eventually. The more I read through the script, the more awkward I felt. Kim was doing such a great job in the read-throughs, and I thought, ‘I should not be a burden to actors and actresses at the scene.’”

Q: What do you think of the popularity of the soundtrack? [Question submitted by Stella (Russia), Elizabeth Thao (the United States) and Joyce San Pedro (Canada)]

“Singing was not a challenging task to me at all. I was honored to sing, it’s the thing I’ve always yearned to do. I would like to thank the music director for allowing me to sing such a great song. It would be such a memory to top the national charts. I took a screenshot of the moment it claimed the No. 1 spot using my smartphone. I was so excited to have such an opportunity.”

Q: What was your most memorable behind-the-scenes incident?
[Question submitted by Irene Natania (Indonesia)]

“I can recall that, while doing underwater scenes, Kim Yoo-jung and I hesitated to jump into the water. The shallow pond was filled with stagnant water, a bit muddy I mean, and had many carp swimming around, including ones as large as a human forearm.”

Q: How would you like the drama to be remembered? [Question submitted by The Korea Herald]

“A gleaming moon in the night sky would remind me of this drama. I hope many viewers will remember it like this as well.”

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)