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[V Report] BTS’ Rap Monster discusses ‘WINGS’ in-depth

  • Published : Oct 21, 2016 - 12:48
  • Updated : Oct 21, 2016 - 12:48

Broadcast date: Oct 20
Starring: Twice, BTS’ Rap Monster, Park Bo-young

BTS’ Rap Monster

Septet group Bangtan Boys’ leader Rap Monster aired a live V broadcast Thursday where he discussed in depth the behind-the-scenes stories of the making of their “Wings” album.

“Wings” released Oct. 10 and contains 15 tracks from the band.

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According to Rap Monster, “Each song reflects the hardships we overcame.”

“It really represents the persons we are,” he added.

For the beginning he played the first song of the album, “Intro: Boy Meets Evil” by J-hope.

He complimented J-hope’s dancing for the trailer, saying, “The ones who do the trailers are like the guides that lead the listeners in to the rest of the album.”

“J-hope’s done a great job. He’s the dancer among us, look how he pulls off the choreography by Dylan Mayoral.”

Rap Monster explained parts of each song where everyone contributed. Ideas that developed into the backbones of each song came from everyone, including producers who mixed the sounds into a whole new thing, he said.

For Jungkook’s “Begin,” it was Rap Monster who wrote the lyrics.

“At first, I was hesitant and unsure to write as if I were Jungkook. To speak from his perspective when I am not him, was a confusing and uncertain task,” Rap Monster said.

“Jungkook never says he’s stressed or under pressure. The only time I heard him express such feelings was when he saw the rest of us go through the bad weathers,” said Rap Monster. “I took the idea from that and tried to embody his strong spirit.”

Rap Monster said “Lie” by Jimin was an extremely well-written song.

“Jimin really killed it with the lyrics. I had no idea he wrote it himself, because it was so, so good.”

“Jimin and I are alike in a way. We both blame ourselves for the things that we fall short of, we put ourselves under pressure,” Rap Monster said. “He tried to capture that sentiment of self-doubt and guilt into this song.”

“First Love” by Sugar made Rap Monster realize anew how important an instrument the piano is for Sugar.

Rap Monster said, “With this song, I was reminded of the time when Sugar and I were both trainees before debut. Sugar had recommended so many jazz songs.”

As for his own solo piece, “Reflection,” Rap Monster spilled that it was originally called “In Ttukseom.”

When he had something on his mind that troubled him, Rap Monster used to go to Ttukseom in eastern Seoul to take in the nature overlooking the Han River.

“Once, on such a solitary trip, I was hit with inspiration and I wrote down the lyrics on the spot,” Rap Monster said.

“There were sounds of people clapping and the subway train rolling away, and I recorded those sound bites too, thinking they would later make into the song.”

Rap Monster spoke for nearly an hour, going through each song of the album.


Rookie girl group Twice celebrated a full year since their debut Thursday via a V app broadcast.

The nine-piece girl group sat down together for a party in a room decorated with balloons and champagne glasses.

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Jihyo likened the atmosphere to last year’s Christmas broadcast “Twice TV,” saying, “This reminds me of Christmastime and that adds to the one-year anniversary happiness.”

Momo, a Japanese member of the group, thanked the fans for their love.

“Twice and Once (their fan club) have been dating for a year now,” Momo said, “Let’s make this a long run.”

Jungyeon, also the emcee for music program “Inkigayo” and known for her short haircut, said, “It’s now a year since I cut my hair so short.”

Although many fans asked if Jungyeon plans to grow her hair, she was firmly set in maintaining her current look, saying, “Long hair requires too much care.”

Twice is letting out a new album on Oct. 24.

For the activities to follow after the album release, Twice prepared a special prop.

Resembling stick candy, the wand-like prop lights up and glows.

The women of Twice said, “Now you can cheer at the concerts using these.”

“We would recognize the Once members anywhere now. This stick even has the Twice logo,” they said.

Twice members chatted in front of the camera for over an hour.

Park Bo-young

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Actress Park Bo-young aired a live V broadcast Thursday, which was her reappearance on the video-streaming application in a month.

“I’m sorry it’s been a while, everyone,” said the 26-year-old who had earned extended fandom after starring in TV drama “Oh My Ghostess” in 2015.

“I don’t usually dream when I sleep, but because I had that pressure that I had to air a V show, I dreamed I was on V.”

Park said she had been saving the broadcast for a time when she would be at a shoot, where she was professionally dolled up. However, postponements in shoot schedules had pushed back the V broadcast indefinitely.

A TV drama featuring Park titled “Powerful girl, Doh Bong-sun” is set to air in 2017, though shooting has not yet begun.

Park aired her last V broadcast a month ago.

Park comfortably chatted with her fans. She answered their questions and gave out advice for their personal concerns. For high school students preparing for the national college entrance exam, coming up in 27 days, Park bid them good luck and strong hearts.

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