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[V Report] Park Bo-young wears toy crown, thanks fans

  • Published : Aug 10, 2016 - 13:49
  • Updated : Aug 10, 2016 - 13:49

Broadcast date: August 9
Starring: Park Bo-young, Shin Hye-sung, Apink (Ha-young, Na-eun)

Park Bo-young


Actress Park Bo-young greeted fans live on the V app Tuesday, 7 months after her last V show at Christmas.

“I have long wanted to turn on V app and see you guys. Today I just came with nothing prepared,” Park said, smiling. “It may be a boring show.”

The 26-year-old started to talk about her upcoming drama, baseball and fan letters.

She is set to star in JTBC drama, “Strong Woman, Do Bong-soon” that starts shooting in October. The show is expected to broadcast next year.

“Nowadays, I’m preparing for the next drama. The role I play is unique,” Park said.

She moved on to talk about baseball. Her name recently appeared on Naver’s top search engine rankings when she watched a baseball game between the Hanhwa Eagles and the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium, Seoul in July.

“I’m into baseball. I liked it but I like it more now,” she said, adding that she’s fan of the Eagles. “I want to go to Daejeon (home ground of the Hanhwa Eagles) and watch the game.”


Taking out a toy accessory set, she explained she received it as a present from a fan. She started unpacking it and wore the toy crown and earrings and thanked the fan.

“A fan sent me a letter from Yongin Middle school (in Gyeonggi Province),” she said.

She took out the letter and started reading it. She thanked the fan who has physical disabilities and also mentioned several other fans including ones from China. “I read all of the letters sent to me!”

Shin Hye-sung of Shinhwa


Shin Hye-sung of veteran idol group Shinhwa popped up live on V app Tuesday while he was on his way to his practice studio.

“It’s been so long. It’s been ages since I turned on V app,” Shin said. “This weekend, I have a concert in Shanghai so right now, I’m heading to the studio to practice with my band.”

He said he just turned on the V app channel to meet his fans.

“The weather is scorching nowadays. I don’t like the warm weather so it’s been hard but today it’s rainy,” the 36-year-old said.

He started to talk about his day. “I was sleeping late and my parents came to my house by surprise and woke me up,” he said. “So I’m on my way, a little drowsy.”

When he read a fan’s comment saying, “You are handsome even with a swollen face,” he explained that he does now know why his face swells up so easily. “I’ve suffered for 18 years because of this.”

“I’m putting a lot effort on our (Shinhwa’s) new album, so please wait. All six of us will appear like, ‘Ta-da,’ soon.”

The six-member-group will come back in October with their 13th album. The last album “We” was released in February last year. The veteran group marked the 18th anniversary of their debut concert in March.



Two members from K-Pop girl group Apink popped up on Tuesday’s V app line up inside a handcraft workshop. Ha-young and Na-eun greeted fans saying they were going to try to make friendship rings.

The two started to read the comments from the fans. One of the viewers asked about driver’s licenses and younger member Ha-young answered, “We tried to get driver’s licenses but we thought we might become bandits of the road. So we haven’t made up our minds yet.”

A master came to explain the procedures and measured the sizes of their index fingers.


They proceeded to make rings, marking letters on a silver strip and grinding them to smooth out the surface.

Apink ranked second in Japan’s Oricon Weekly Chart with their new EP, “Summer Time!” that came out in Japan on Aug. 3.
The group debuted in Japan in 2015.

By Jo He-rim (herim@heraldcorp.com)

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