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[V Report] VIXX’s N, Lee Won-geun show off ‘bromance’

  • Published : Jun 8, 2016 - 14:11
  • Updated : Jun 8, 2016 - 14:11

Broadcast date: June 7
Starring: VIXX’s N, Lee Won-geun, U-Kiss, Sungha Jung, EXO and more

VIXX’s N and Lee Won-geun

(Naver V app)
VIXX’s N and actor Lee Won-geun hosted another episode of “Celebrity Bromance” via Naver’s V app Thursday, displaying their intimate friendship.

“I saw the movie ‘Brooklyn’ yesterday, I went to the movie by myself,” Lee began.

“You went alone?” N replied. “You should call me next time.”

They then went to their waiting car in the parking lot, heading for a destination Lee had mentioned earlier.

During the drive, N asked: “Do we really have to go all the way to Yangpyeong solely for eating pork?”

“The scenery and the weather is really nice today. It’s a perfect day,” Lee answered.

Then Lee started talking with N about doing extreme sports, buckling down to the hidden camera scenario that he planned with staff in advance.

“I don’t like fast things. I hate it. Have I told you that I fainted while bungee jumping? I am really not a person who enjoys thrills,” N revealed.

After they arrived in Yangpyeng, N hurried Lee along to eat first, saying: “I’m so hungry. My stomach is growling.”

Lee took a pause and answered: “I’m so confident about the place. You’ll find everything delicious today.”

“Finally arrived! The restaurant is down there. Fun things are usually in remote places,” Lee said as he tried to hide his emotions by putting on a fake smile.

N started to understand what was going on, asking, “We’re not here for eating, are we?”

“Let’s have fun together, I wanted to tell you everything from the beginning. It was so much fun doing this hidden camera,” said Lee.

(Naver V app)
The episode came to an end with a preview of them doing extreme sports.


K-pop boy band U-Kiss also popped on the V app Tuesday to release information about their upcoming mini album “Stalker.”

The members opened up the broadcast together, saying: “Hello, we’re U-Kiss, and this is U-Kiss’s V-Kiss,”

(Naver V app)
“We had a live broadcast here on V for the viewers not too long ago, right?” the guys added.

Member Hoonmin then explained: “We have this special video today because we’re having our comeback soon! I know the Korean fans have waited a long time for us, so we plan to work much harder to give you an even cooler performance this time.”

The boys also informed fans that they would be really active on the V app with the Channel “V-Kiss” in the buildup to the release of the new album.

“We’ll try to share a lot of fun things within the group, so hope you guys all look forward to it,” Soohyun said.

Kevin gave details about the upcoming album.

“The title track of our 11th mini album is ‘Stalker,’ and we’re trying to give off a mysterious image this time. How should I say this?”

Soohyun added, “We’re coming back as sexy, dark and charming guys. We’ve been also able to do such a powerful performance for all of you this time”

“I hope you all look forward to it,” they said, wrapping up.

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By Lee Ja-hye (jahye@heraldcorp.com)

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