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[V Report Plus] EXO pick favorite songs

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Updated : May 19 2016

(Naver V app)

Today’s V app broadcast featuring popular K-pop boy band EXO was the fourth episode of S.M. Entertainment’s talk show.

As Sehun left to shoot for a film, the rest of EXO -- Chanyeol and Chen -- talked about their favorite songs on the label agency.

Chanyeol pointed to “Unconditional Kismet” (2001), composed by Yoo Young-jin, saying he started dreaming of becoming a singer with the song.

“Yoo is sort of like the god of all vocalists,” he added.

Chen selected “Please, Don’t Go” (2009) by SHINee. He said that the song helped him to get rid of his stereotype regarding idol singers.

Jungmo of male duo Trax picked “Cold Hearted Man” from his first mini album, while Yeri of Red Velvet selected “Love and Hate” (2015) by Boa as her favorite song.

Chen and Chanyeol (Naver V app)

Later, as host Leeteuk of Super Junior asked about the ideal types for the two EXO members, Chanyeol replied that he wanted to fall in love with someone who could give him musical inspiration.

In addition, Chen said that he likes an innocent girl.

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