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Panels discuss how to make kids happy on ‘Non-Summit’

  • Published : Mar 1, 2016 - 17:31
  • Updated : Mar 1, 2016 - 17:31


Panelists discussed how to make children happy during the latest episode of JTBC’s talk-show “Non-Summit.”

During the show, host Jun Hyun-moo presented survey results showing that Korean children’s life satisfaction is the lowest among OECD nations, citing the research done by the Ministry of Health & Welfare.

The panelists also shared the grim reality of Korean children, saying they would consider emigration if their children have to study in Korea, referring to cutthroat competition among Korean students.

Actor Kwon Oh-joong, who made a guest appearance on the show, said, “I think, parents bringing up children in Korea consider emigration at least once.”

“Unlike in the past, children these days appear to be filled with fury as they are forced into competition,” Kwon said.

He also shared his educational method. “Although my kid is not good at studying, he is very good at doing volunteer work. I hope he finds and does what he really likes.”

One of the regular panel members, Alberto Mondi from Italy, said, “I think Korean kids are unhappy because of their parents’ sense of rivalry.”

“The Korean education system is relatively good. I would send my kids to elementary and middle school here,” he said, adding, “But, I am not sure about high school. It doesn’t make sense that their life depends on only one exam (college entrance exam).”

“Non-Summit” which features a panel of non-Korean men debating on various topics, airs every Monday at 10:50 p.m.