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Squeaky clean image wins over public

  • Published : Feb 18, 2016 - 17:59
  • Updated : Feb 18, 2016 - 17:59


Stars with squeaky clean images are winning over the public in the Korean entertainment scene full of sexy and masculine celebrities.

Actor Park Bo-gum, who recently rose to stardom after hit TV series “Reply 1988,” is well known for his upstanding and positive image. Many actors and crew members working with him have uniformly said that he is very kind and has good manners, just like the innocent Go player he portrayed.

The bewitching actor is also known to be a model student at his college. Although Park is already a familiar face on TV screens, he reportedly enjoys attending school events, using public transportation and eating in the school cafeteria.

Boy band ZE:A member and actor Yim Si-wan is also beloved by many Koreans for his squeaky clean image.

Entering Pusan National University -- one of ten flagship Korean national universities -- to major in mechanical engineering shows his diligence in school, although he later left the university to become a singer.

In an interview with one local talk show, his high school teacher said, “Lim was smart and studied hard. He also maintained good relationships with his friends.” The teacher also revealed he had excellent report cards.

Actor Kang Ha-neul, who made a name for himself after appearing in hit TV drama series “Misaeng,” also emerged as a positive icon during the latest episode of talk show “Radio Star.”

Following the show, which aired Wednesday, many viewers became new fans of Kang, who calmly spoke of stories like giving a wedding gift to a reporter he met for an interview or he helping an old lady in a rural area during his penniless journey.

Kang also surprised the hosts, saying he hasn’t changed his phone number since becoming an actor, even after becoming popular with several hits.