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[V Report] GFriend wants to ‘collaborate with San E’

  • Published : Jan 26, 2016 - 11:43
  • Updated : Jan 26, 2016 - 11:43

K-pop sextet GFriend met their fans to mark the new album’s release at the showcase, which went live on Naver’s V app Monday.

During the event attended by 200 fans, much to their delight the singers performed their hit songs “Glass Bead” and “Me Gustas Tu,” and casually chatting with them.

Member Yerin looked excited, saying, “It is so amazing that we have a fan event like this.”

“This moment will be memorable for long and I hope you also (fans) don’t forget today. We will work harder for you,” Yuju added.

When asked who they want to collaborate with for a song, they picked rapper San E.

“San E supports us a lot. (If we have an opportunity), we want to work with him,” Yuju said.

GFriend’s new album “Snowflake” with the title track “Rough,” released Monday, went straight to the top on local music charts.

(Naver V app)

CNBLUE’s guitarist Lee Jung-shin held his last episode of V show “Mental King.”

Donning sunglasses with yellow lenses, Lee looked somewhat gloomy because it was his last show.

Seeing the number of hearts, which was lower than he expected, he jokingly said, “Oh. There are not many hearts today. I won’t host this show today.” But, he soon added laughing, “No. I was just kidding.”

When his fan said his sunglasses were like a fly, he burst into laughter and took them off, saying “Oh. I bought this today.”

While he was talking about the previous episodes, another fan said she enjoyed his cooking show in the fourth episode. Lee looked satisfied and said. “Thank you. I still enjoy cooking these days.”

(Naver V app)

Model Lee Ho-jung was back on the show in a day, saying, “Yesterday, I said I would come back again if the number of hearts passed 70,000 and it really did.”

She again promised, “Today, if the number hits 100,000, I will host another show.”

The model then added, “Today is so cold. I had a film shoot near Hangang River and the river was frozen up.”

When her fan said she looked good in Zico’s new music video, she said, “Yes. I appeared in Zico’s music video ‘I Am You, You Are Me,’” adding, “I listen to it a lot because it is so good.”

At the end of the show, the number of hearts stopped short of reaching the goal and hit nearly 84,000.

(Naver V app)

Also on Monday’s broadcast was rock band DickPunks’ vocalist Kim Tae-hyun, making sushi with powder. He made sushi following the recipe on blogs and was satisfied with the taste.

(Naver V app)

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By Shin Ji-hye (shinjh@heraldcorp.com)

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