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[V Report Plus] Psy’s new song: ‘I Remember You’

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Updated : November 25 2015

Popular rapper Psy revealed one of the songs off his upcoming album on a V app broadcast Tuesday.

On the show, titled “Psy Little Television,” which went on air at 11 p.m., Psy introduced song “I Remember You,” featuring Zion.T, as one of the songs from the seventh album “Chiljip Psy-da” -- a twist on popular beverage Chilsung Cider. “Chiljip Psy-da” is a pun that roughly means “This Psy’s seventh album” in Korean.

Psy said the new song “I Remember You” is a sequel to the song “What Could Have Been” from his sixth album. Both of the songs reminisce about his past relationships, which he refers to as the “ex-girlfriend series.”

Psy (Naver V app)
Also during the show, the “Gangnam Style” star revealed he regularly reads online comments under his articles.

“Many people commented I should return to who I was before or said that the ‘Gangnam Style’ success changed me,” he said.

“On one day in 2012, I did experience something very unrealistic and I have gone out of my mind a little for two years,” he said referring to his sudden popularity after the song “Gangnam Style” went viral and made him a global star in July 2012.

“I could not help but to go crazy in that circumstance,” he said. “But thankfully, after experiencing some trials and tribulations, I got less crazy.”

Psy (Psy's Twitter)
He continued, “So after ‘Gangnam Style,’ writing a new song was difficult, and that’s why the new song arrived so much later.”

Psy, who is releasing his seventh album Dec. 1, is set to go on air every night through Sunday at 11 p.m. Under the title “Psy Little Television,” he will talk about the upcoming album and unveil some songs from it before the album’s official release.

The new album comes over 2 1/2 years since his last single, “Gentleman.” Also, the new album is the first full-length album since “Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1,” known for the song “Gangnam Style.”

After releasing the new album, Psy will hold yearend concerts on Dec. 24-26 at Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul.

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