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Kim Soo-hyun fan tried to buy house next door

  • Published : Sept 23, 2015 - 18:23
  • Updated : Sept 23, 2015 - 18:23

A Chinese fan of actor Kim Soo-hyun reportedly attempted to buy the property next door to Kim’s for an inflated price of 4.5 billion won ($3.7 million), according to local entertainment media.


During the latest episode of TV Chosun’s “Pumpkin Seed,” pop columnist Kim Tae-hoon talked about Kim’s popularity in China.

He said, “The drama ‘My Love from the Star’ aired in 15 Asian nations, but it was not broadcast in China because Kim’s character was an alien.”

“Since one Internet website bought the soap’s publication rights and published it online, the drama has garnered a whopping 3.1 billion views,” he added.

Entertainer Lee Sang-min said there was one Chinese fan who tried to buy the house next door to Kim’s by paying an additional 500 million won. The market price of Kim’s house is around 4 billion won.

“But, the owner of the house rejected the offer,” he added.

Host Kim Gura said, “The neighbor must also be a fan of Kim,” making others laugh.

Kim is set to star in the upcoming action film ”Real,“ which is scheduled to hit theaters in the latter half of next year.