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T-ara returns with funky dance piece

  • Published : Aug 3, 2015 - 16:04
  • Updated : Aug 3, 2015 - 16:04

Popular South Korean girl group T-ara had a showcase for its new EP "So Good" Monday, returning to the local music scene after a one-year absence as a team.

"We're back with an album that goes well with summer," the group said during the showcase at a music hall in southern Seoul.

"We want to hear that we crazily enjoy performing on stage as in the title of the album's main song 'So Crazy.'"

The group's 11th EP has five songs, including the title track "So Crazy."

T-ara's Jiyeon (OSEN)
The six-member group collaborated for the first time with the hit K-pop composer Brave Brother on the album. The composer previously composed "Nice Body," a solo debut song for T-ara's member Hyomin, but this marked his first collaboration with T-ara as a team.

"So Crazy" is a funky dance piece with a brass sound, which is expected to cool the summer heat.

"Brave Brother wrote a good song mixing unique elements of T-ara's music and rhythm," said Eunjung, a group member. "So, we experienced no big difficulty in expressing it. We liked it from the beginning."

T-ara is scheduled to release the album Tuesday, the same day that Wonder Girls will release their new album, as this summer's intense chart competition among popular girl groups nears a close.

T-ara's Hyomin (OSEN)
"I've been a fan of Wonder Girls since I made my debut," member Soyeon said. "I've been waiting for the band's return. I'm happy to be on the same stage with them."

Calling amusing and punk songs T-ara's unique attraction, Eunjung asked fans to anticipate exciting music, humorous looks and funny dance moves from the new album.

The group remains active in China. It has been on a concert tour of major Chinese cities since last December with some members individually appearing in TV entertainment shows in the country.

Most recently, they filmed an advertisement there.

Asked to explain the difference between Korean and Chinese fans, Eunjung said Chinese fans are "very enthusiastic."

T-ara's Eunjung (OSEN)
"Korean fans are just like our parents who teach and support us while Chinese fans are very enthusiastic. They give us incredibly powerful energy," Eunjung said.

The members said they are very nervous about their return, and all they want from fans is a warm welcome.

"We just want to show fans that we are here. So we want you to find us and say, 'Nice to see you again after such a long time,'"
Eunjung said when questioned about the team's goal for this summer season. "And one more thing: Please enjoy T-ara's buzzy performance." (Yonhap)