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MBLAQ drops new EP 'Mirror,' talks about becoming a trio

  • Published : Jun 10, 2015 - 13:55
  • Updated : Jun 10, 2015 - 13:55

MBLAQ members G.O. (left), Seungho (center) and Mir (OSEN)
K-pop male trio MBLAQ released their new EP “Mirror” on Tuesday and also met members of the press to talk publicly about being repackaged as a trio, since two members left last October.

MBLAQ debuted as a five-member group in 2009, created and trained by K-pop singer Rain. Two members, Lee Joon and Thunder, left the group when their contracts expired late last year. Both have since focused on their acting careers.

“There aren’t any friends to replace our previous friends and I think we can fill up (the group) with the remaining members, so we’ve decided to become a trio,” said group leader Seungho.

MBLAQ has repackaged its logo to emphasize triangle shapes and the number “3” in the letter B.

Member G.O. said that they entertained the possibility of replacing the two members for all of “two seconds” but said he believes there is a potential market for K-pop male trios.

G.O. even went as far to say, “We sing better (now) as a trio than when we were a five-member group. We honestly sing better than the two members who left, (though) they danced better than us.”

MBLAQ members Mir (left), G.O. (center) and Seungho (OSEN)
The members did, however, show some of the strain since the group shrank.

“Emotionally speaking, it was very difficult and I lived in a false reality and in denial of reality,“ said G.O. “I had to play games or focus on some kind of mindless activity, otherwise I would keep having bad thoughts.”

G.O. said, however, that it was an opportunity for him to become more aware of other people’s care and affection.

Mir, 24, the youngest member of the group, said, “The (first) six months were really difficult. I didn‘t even go outside, (but) I did go to the countryside and spend time with nature.”

MBLAQ members Seungho (left), G.O. (center) and Mir (OSEN)
The members hinted they are not on speaking terms with the two former members, though they said they “like to think (they) now have good wishes for each other” despite going their separate ways, said G.O.

MBLAQ’s eighth EP, “Mirror,” is a medium-tempo dance album. It contains a title track produced by 1Take, who formerly produced MBLAQ’s hit songs “Mona Lisa” and “Rust.” The album also contains Seungho‘s piano performance “Resurrection.”

By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

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