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Park Shin-hye wants to get married soon

  • Published : Jun 3, 2015 - 16:40
  • Updated : Jun 3, 2015 - 16:40

Actress Park Shin-hye on the TV reality show "Some Guys, Some Girls," broadcast Tuesday evening. (SBS)
Celebrated Korean actress Park Shin-hye said she "would like to get married soon," even though she thinks she will probably tie the knot around age 30.

"I am very picky when I look at guys," said Park Shin-hye. "Since my goal is to get married, I end up looking for men who resemble my father, even though everyone has their strong and weak points."

Park said that seeing her happily-married parents has influenced her dreams of marriage.

"I want to have a beautiful family like my parents. That's why I wanted to get married around age 22," said Park, who this year turned 25.

Park made the comments during a televised girls-only discussion on the TV variety program "Some Guys, Some Girls" broadcast on Tuesday at 11:15 p.m.

Actress Chae Jung-an, known for starring in the 2007 TV drama "Coffee Prince," was also part of the discussion.

"I first met Park Shin-hye when she was about 20," said Chae, 37. "Since she was so young at the time, I worried about when she would become a woman. I think I worried unnecessarily. She already knows how to meet (guys)."

Actress Chae Jung-an (second tier) teased Park Shin-hye for appearing "sexy" in front of Chae's "Coffee Prince" costar Gong Yoo (top right). (SBS)
Park reacted defensively but said, "I learned a lot through (Chae Jung-an) about ... how to deal with men."

Chae teased Park about her former idol, actor Gong Yoo, who gained a widespread female following after starring in "Coffee Prince."

"I was surprised when Park Shin-hye changed her voice and expressions, appearing sexier in front of Gong Yoo," said Chae, though she said the behavioral change was "obvious" in a grown woman.

Other women in the televised discussion were actress Jang Hee-jin, model Goo Jae-yee, shoe designer Lee Bonnie and florist Hwang Bo-hyeon.

Actor Gong Yoo (far right) starred with Park's friend, actress Chae Jung-an (second from left), in the 2007 hit TV drama "Coffee Prince." (MBC)
By Yoon Sarah (sarah356@heraldcorp.com)

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