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Ji Chang-wook wanted to ‘shoot to fame’

  • Published : Mar 2, 2015 - 16:22
  • Updated : Mar 2, 2015 - 16:22

Actor Ji Chang-wook felt empty after “Healer” ended, he said in an interview with a local media outlet. The 27-year-old actor played Seo Jung-hoo, a mysterious errand guy, in the KBS drama, which went off the air in February.


“Through the soap, I realized how gratifying it is to gain trust from people. It was a very meaningful work for my life and a valuable time for me,” Ji said.

He added, “I was relieved when viewers seemed to find Jung-hoo interesting because I was worried at first whether they would like my character, who has diverse identities.”

Though he made his name in the entertainment scene through the drama, it has been eight years since his debut in 2008.

“(At first) I wanted to shoot to fame,” he said, laughing. “Now, I think this is my life and my destiny. It is good to gain a lot of experience and to learn from good seniors.”

“As a rough stone becomes worn smooth by the constant flow of water, I want to go through different experiences. Someday, I may become a polished stone,” the actor said.

He is now looking forward to starring in the musical “The Days,” which kicks off on March 13.

“Both dramas and musicals are what I aspired to do since I was little. I can’t get rid of any of them.”