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[V Report] Seventeen's The8 celebrates 23rd birthday with fans

  • Published : Nov 8, 2020 - 17:36
  • Updated : Nov 8, 2020 - 17:36

Broadcast date: Nov. 7-8
Starring: Seventeen, Super Junior, Stray Kids, Ateez

(Naver's V Live)

Seventeen’s member The8 turned on V Live to celebrate his 23rd birthday with fans on Saturday.

“I made a wish for the health and happiness for everyone watching this broadcast right now,” The8, also known by his Korean name Myungho, said after blowing the candles to his cake.

“We were on tour last year during my birthday and members prepared a surprise party for me then. Fortunately I was with them again for this year’s birthday,” The8 said, saying he had a day full of schedule that day. The member said he had not yet had his dinner, having turned on the camera straight after finishing his last schedule.

Hailing from China, he said wants to have Chinese food for that day.

“Although I’m very occupied these days, I‘m taking breaking and enjoying some time to myself, engaging in new activities,” he said.
Sincerely thanking his fans, the member said, “without you guys I would have been just an ordinary Myung-ho,” adding, “I feel this especially deeply this year. I hope to give big energy and strength for you guys during this difficult time.”

While he had received celebratory messages from all bandmates Myung-ho said DK’s message was especially long and heartwarming.

Seventeen is a 13-piece multi-national act which debuted in 2015 wit their first EP “17 Carat.” The boyband soar to stardom with hits like “Very Nice,” “A-Teen” and “Pretty U,” becoming a million-seller group with their seventh EP album “Heng:garae” this year.
The group released their most recent album “Semicolon” last month.

Taking the longest break since their debut, The 8 said this year was a time of self-reflection.

“I thought especially deeply about who I am, how I am currently living and what I can do right now,” the 23-year-old said. With the unexpectedly long hours left on his hand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The 8 said he was able to discover new hobbies, such as drinking tea and meditating.

“Although it‘s unfortunate that I cannot meet fans directly, I feel this time will make me a better person who could deliver even better energy to you guys. Like the message from our recent album, I think it’s right to take a short pause for now,” The8 said.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/222263.

(Naver's V Live)

Super Junior celebrates 15th anniversary with fans

Members of boyband Super Junior conducted a livestream through V Live to celebrate their 15th anniversary with global fans. They also shared a peek into their new song “The Melody” which was released the same day.

While the group is officially a 10-piece act under the K-pop powerhouse S.M. Entertainment, Heechul was absent during the event due to self-quarantine following COVID-19 testing while Sungmin has been inactive from all group activities since his marriage in 2014.

“‘The Melody,’ which is the pre-release track of Super Junior‘s tenth album set to be dropped in December, will be revealed in just few moments at 6 p.m. today,” Donghae said.

Leeteuk and Yesung wrote the lyrics of the digital single.

“I’ve repeatedly told both fans and the members that we want to be remembered not as a moment but as an eternity, and the song includes this message,” Leetuk, also the group’s leader, said.

“As dots string together into a line, moments will assemble to make an eternity,” Leetuk continued.

In writing the song Yesung said he was reminded especially a lot about their times with the group’s fandom ELF.

A snippet of “The Melody,” hinting of the song’vibrant yet nostalgic tune, was played during the event.

A surprise video message from S.M. Entertainment CEO Lee Soo-man was also revealed that day.

“It feels like just yesterday that Super Junior made debut with ‘Twins!’ in November 2005,” Lee said. “While a lot has happened during the 15 years, I’m very proud of the members who have always tried their best as Super Junior. I love them very much.”

Fellow artists of S.M. Entertainment, including BoA, H.O.T’s Kangta, TVXQ duo and Baekhyun of EXO, along with other K-pop groups outside the agency, also sent the long-lasting group congratulatory messages through video. Each members also revealed their own pre-recorded messages to mark the anniversary.

Heechul, who joined the event shortly through phone, said, “it’s taken a long time for us to get here. Thank you ELFs. Let’s have a great time tomorrow!” he said. The group held an online fan meetup through Naver’s streaming platform Beyond Live on the following day.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/221675.

(Naver's V Live)

Stray Kids members join Hyunjin’s dance practice

Hyunjin of Stray Kids was the first to tune into V Live on Saturday night in the group’s dance studio to connect with fans, reading comments and chatting casually ahead of practice.

One of the main dancer of the group, Hyunjin danced to music before other members arrived.

He was sooned joined by I.N, Felix and Changbin. Led by Hyunjin, the four members performed to some of their songs, including “One Day” and “Cypher,” at the request of fans.

While others left, Hyunjin remained in the studio to further connect with fans and practice. Alone, Hyunjin danced to a variety of songs from other artists as well, including“Criminal” by Taemin and “Circle” by Saay.

He also answered to questions from fans on the comments in between practices.

Meanwhile, the eight-member band under JYP Entertainment will hold their first virtual concert on Nov. 22.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/222269.

(Naver's V Live)

Ateez’s Hongjoong celebrates birthday with yoghurt tower

Ateez member Hongjoong was presented with a tower of yogurt by staff members of the boy band’s agency on his 22nd birthday.

Hongjoong celebrated his birthday with fans in front of the tower of yogurts piled up in the shape of cake. According to the member, yogurt has been one of his favorite food since young.

“I previously didn’t consider my birthday a special day. This is my third birthday with Atiny (Ateez’s fandom), and I think the day has become special thanks to Atiny,” Hyungjoong said.

“Celebratory messages from Atiny has now become a source of motivation in life for me. I’ve come to appreciate my own efforts, while at the same time encouraging myself to work even harde, thinking about all those people rooting for my future and celebrating my birth,” he continued.

He said he received presents from some of his bandmates.

Hongjoong also noted that Atiny’s birthday -- Nov. 16 -- was also approaching, and said he is gearing up to celebrate the day as much as the fans had done so for his birthday.

Ateez is a eight-member group which debuted in 2018. The band in July dropped their fifth mini album “ZERO : FEVER Part.1.”

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/222247.

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