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[V Report] EXO's Chanyeol to star in reality program

  • Published : Oct 7, 2020 - 11:28
  • Updated : Oct 7, 2020 - 11:28

Broadcast date: Oct. 6-7
Starring: EXO, NU'EST, ITZY, Stray Kids

(Naver's V Live)

Chanyeol of EXO became the fourth band member to be featured in a special video series, after Xiumin, Chen and Suho.

In a one-minute teaser confirming he’s the star of the upcoming season, Chanyeol says hello to fans as he takes over the baton from Suho -- who playfully pretends to almost forget to mention him.

Sitting casually against a natural backdrop, Chanyeol asks fans to wait a little. In the first teaser image, which also came out Tuesday, the idol appears in shorts and a straw hat, standing in the middle of a shallow stream, possibly hinting at a nature theme for the show.

The new season starts Oct. 27, and the show airs three times a week at noon for two months.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/216479.

NU'EST’s Minhyun talks music, drama

(Naver's V Live)

Minhyun of NU’EST asked his fans if they knew about “Drive,” the title track from the album the band just released in Japan.

Singing part of the song, he softly reminded fans how the song “Love Me” had been rearranged for the band’s year-end show. It was not intended as a spoiler, but it turned out to be one.

“We practiced knowing it, though, so it was thrilling,” said the musician with a smile.

He also reported that he’d finished shooting “Live On,” a drama that will premiere in November on cable television. Counting preparation time, which started in the spring, the work spanned more than three seasons, said Minhyun, so it seemed long in the making.

As for “Unboxing,” a series of video clips of the bandmates that the band had uploaded weekly, he explained that they’d been filmed individually and said he was amazed by the results.

“Each and every one of us, on his own, filled up the stage,” he said.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/216737.

ITZY's Lia catches up with fans

(Naver's V Live)

Lia of ITZY went live on her own for the first time in a long while.

“It’s a shame that I cannot hear you. ... It feels as if I’m talking to myself,” she said. It was even quieter since she was home alone, she added.

Many people are staying at home these days, and Lia had barely left her room that day. She’d cleaned up her room and washed her face for the live broadcast, said the performer, admitting that she’d had a nap after having some tteokbokki, or spicy rice cakes, and her face was all puffy.

She’d spent the holidays with her family, celebrating her grandmother’s birthday over the holiday as well.

“I had kkotgetang, my favorite, as well as sikhye and songpyeon,” she said happily. Kkotgetang refers to Korean crab stew, sikhye is a traditional sweet rice drink and songpyeon are moon-shaped rice cakes.

Lia also showed viewers her LP collection and listened to John Mayer’s “Who You Love,” featuring Katy Perry, together with them before saying goodbye.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/216696.

Stray Kids giddy over trophy

(Naver's V Live)

The bandmates of Stray Kids shared an intimate close-up of themselves on the day they came out with “Back Door.”

They seemed tired, not yet fully awake, as they got their hair and makeup done in the waiting room. Bang Chan and Lee Know were saving their energy, taking a short nap sitting up, while Hyunjin zipped up his hoodie and lay down on the floor.

Right before going onstage, however, their eyes twinkled as they got ready to showcase “Back Door,” the focus track from their reissued album.

“We finally came in first on ‘Show Champion!’” -- a television music chart program -- hooted the boys, holding a trophy up high. It was exhilarating, they agreed, grinning ear to ear, thanking their fans and striking funny poses for the camera.

“It is a shame that you could not be there and share the moment with us. But thank you so much for supporting us even from afar,” Hyunjin told fans from the car on the way back home.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/216701.

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