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[V Report] Chani interviews bandmate from rooftop

  • Published : Apr 19, 2020 - 17:12
  • Updated : Apr 19, 2020 - 17:12

Broadcast date: April 18-19

Starring: SF9, CIX, April, ENOi

Chani interviews bandmate from rooftop


Chani invited bandmate Jaeyoon to his weekly V Live broadcast.

From the backdrop of a rooftop, Chani said, “It was really hard to invite this person as he was very busy. To give you guys a hint, he goes well with jeans.”

As he beckoned his hands, Jaeyoon appeared, introducing him as the day’s guest.

“Yesterday, Chani gave me a call to ask for the broadcast. He sounded so desperate, so I decided to help him. I also brought jellies for him, the youngest in our group,” said Jaeyoon.

Chani threw him some questions, such as what time he woke up that morning and what he would like most to say to fans.

“I woke up late today, ate lunch with my manager, slept again and came here. My face is a bit swollen from oversleeping,” Jaeyoon said.

He added that he would like to say “I missed you” the most to viewers.

Asked if he could choose between reincarnating as Hwiyoung or Chani, Jaeyoon answered Chani, saying, “First, I’d like to sleep for a very long time just like Chani does. Second, I’d like to experience being the youngest member in the group.”

Chani jokingly snapped back at him with a laugh, saying, “If you were the youngest, you wouldn’t be able to survive.”

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/186515.

CIX’s Bae Jin-young talks about dance lessons


Bae Jin-young of CIX expressed his love for dancing. Talking to fans via V Live alone in his studio, the CIX vocalist shared that he’s been receiving dance lessons lately. Bae is well known for his sleek dance moves.

“On the first day of my lesson, I had a very long conversation with my teacher about dance. I gave (the teacher) my honest thoughts about dancing, and we kind of clicked,” he said.

“At first, it was really tough, as the dancing made me feel dizzy and sick. Now I’m okay. I really feel accomplished when I digest a difficult move and the teacher says, ‘I’m proud of you.’”

Bae, with curly blue hair, also shared that his bandmate BX helped him style his hair.

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/186477.

April readies return for ‘Da Capo’


April dropped a teaser clip for upcoming EP “Da Capo,” featuring bandmates Chaewon and Yena.

Hinting at the album’s mysterious concept, the video shows two bandmates gazing at a glowing moon through an arched window.

Marking the group’s seventh EP, “Da Capo” will feature lead track “Lalalilala.”

April is set to release a highlight medley Monday and a teaser video of the lead track’s music video Tuesday.

“Da Capo” is due to be out Wednesday.

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/186412.

ENOi’s Laon explains meaning of ‘&NDING’


Laon of ENOi explained the meaning of the lyrics for “&NDING,” the last track from the group’s first EP, “Red in the Apple.”

The soothing ballad, written by Laon and Hamin, is about not wanting to send away one’s lover.

In a dimly lit studio, the bandleader started going line by line to explain what each phrase means.

“This is a song that’s completely opposite to ‘Cheeky,’ which expresses one’s love in a very straightforward way. ‘&NDING” draws out one’s deepest, most honest emotion,” said Laon.

“There are a lot of metaphorical expressions. For example, ‘the time for wait has come’ means that letting something go immediately leads to waiting for it once again. Let’s say, I used to love bathing in a tub. And when the bathing ends, I have to wait for the time again,” he added.

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/186530.

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