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[V Report] Bang Si-hyuk calls for respect for artists at Golden Disc Awards

  • Published : Jan 5, 2020 - 15:39
  • Updated : Jan 5, 2020 - 15:39

Broadcast date: Jan. 4-5
Starring: Bang Si-hyuk, TXT, Itzy, ATEEZ, ONEUS

(Naver's V Live)
Bang Si-hyuk, founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment as well as the mastermind behind BTS and TXT, took home the Producers’ Award at the Golden Disc Awards.

“Hi, I’m Bang Si-hyuk,” the producer introduced himself to a cheering crowd.

“Looking back on last year, so much happened. South Korea’s great music and content received recognition on the global stage as well as on the charts, which made the year all the more meaningful.”

Changing the tone of his speech, he continued, “But last year also saw so many sad and heartbreaking (moments), during which I felt responsibility as a producer to create a better environment.”

While he said he would accept the award to motivate himself further in creating a better environment for artists, the producer also urged everyone to share the responsibility.

“People in the industry, fans and the media should all do better in creating an environment in which our beloved artists can live happily, not as artists but as human beings first,” he said. “Humans deserve respect and to shine for being human. I hope this year is full of good things, and happy new year, everyone.”

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/168902.

TXT and Itzy bag best new artist awards at Golden Discs

Despite stiff competition this year, TXT and Itzy came out on top as the best new artists at last night’s 34th Golden Disc Awards.

Both TXT and Itzy debuted in 2019, produced by Big Hit Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, respectively.

(Naver's V Live)
Having been given the high-profile award, TXT said, “We are just thankful for giving us best new artist, an award that you can only win once in a lifetime,” during their acceptance speech.

Thanking fans, the group said they would love to return the great amount of love and expectations they received in their first year with their hard work.

Since debuting in March last year, TXT has bagged seven such best new artist awards, according to Big Hit Entertainment.

Speaking next, five-piece girl group Itzy said, “We are thankful for all the support and love we received over the last year since we debuted and we hope to return the love with great music and performances in 2020.”

While thanking fans, the group also made sure to show appreciation for their parents during the acceptance speech.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/168855.

Ateez shows off gifts from fans

Ateez talked to fans via V Live on Saturday night, after attending the 34th annual Golden Disc Awards.

The band sounded excited as they thanked fans, known as “Atinys,” for helping the group win the Next Generation Award. A total of three acts, including Kim Jae-hwan and AB6IX, took home the award Saturday.

The eight-piece group continued to thank fans as well as assess their performance at the awards show, with which the band appeared to be content.

(Naver's V Live)
Comments like “Congratulations on the award,” or “The performance was amazing” continued to flood in, as viewers enjoyed the exciting night.

During the stream, the group also plugged its upcoming concert in Seoul. Having toured the world, the group is scheduled to hold its very first concerts in Seoul in early February.

“We are excited as well about what kind of performance we will show,” the group said, before adding that that there will be different flavors -- not just “spicy,” but also “sweet.”

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/168888.

Oneus gives cooking lesson

Oneus took to V Live to give viewers a cooking lesson based on ingredients available at the convenience store.

During the mini cooking show, the Oneus bandmates laid out some of the most common items, like instant noodles, on the table to share their interesting ways to consume convenience store food.

(Naver's V Live)
Despite the noble intention, the stream was off to a rocky start as Keonhee declared, “As you know, I spit it out if the food doesn’t taste good and I tell you if it’s not tasty.”

Starting with string cheese, Seoho laid it underneath cooked chicken breast, which he had torn into pieces before microwaving for 2 1/2 minutes.

Seoho’s recipe for the salty chicken with cheese surprisingly went down well with the group, as his bandmates complimented the dish as “moist” and “tasty.”

Being a fan of cheese, Keonhee had one criticism, that Seoho should’ve used more cheese.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/168871.

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