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[V Report] Monsta X’s Hyungwon says ‘Bonjour’ from Paris

  • Published : Jul 7, 2019 - 14:35
  • Updated : Jul 7, 2019 - 14:35

Broadcast dates: July 6-7
Starring: Hyungwon of Monsta X, ITZY, Twice and Kim Jae-joong


Monsta X’s Hyungwon said hello on V Live from Paris, waking up his fans in Korea at 7:30 a.m.

“Sorry, I didn’t realize it was Sunday,” he said. “I just returned to my hotel room from our concert in Paris and got so excited to communicate with you. So I turned this on without realizing the time.”

“We just completed our Paris show. We’ve been doing very well in Europe, thanks to Monbebe (Monsta X’s fandom). I will remember Monbebe’s high energy and support from France.”

Hyungwon said the band was enjoying its European world tour, which would continue in the UK and Germany.

“We are having a great time in Paris,” said Hyungwon. “Yesterday, we ate steak and enjoyed French wine with other members.”
I.M also made a surprise appearance on V Live, saying hello to fans.

Watch the clip: https://www.vlive.tv/video/138563.

ITZY takes fans behind the scenes at ‘Music Bank’


Girl group ITZY on Saturday released behind-the-scenes footage from the TV music program “Music Bank,” where the band appeared in a special episode.

The musicians were excited as they put on their makeup, and Yuna put a sparkling sticker on her face.

“We changed our concept a bit. We will try our best,” said Chaeryong before going onstage.

Yeji was humming a tune from “Aladdin” in the footage, saying she was love with the film. “I watched the film with Lia and Ryujin.”

The girls performed their hits “Dalla Dalla” and “Want It.”

“Thank you so much for everything,” said Lia. “Hearing the fans cheer gave us so much strength.”

“It was such a wonderful day for us. I hope it was for you too. See you when we return,” said Ryujin.

Watch the clip: https://www.vlive.tv/video/138395.

What happens at Twice Entertainment?


On the latest episode of “Twice TV,” members Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Sana played office workers at a fictional company called Twice Entertainment and invited viewers to experience daily life at the office.

“I am the oldest and I’ve worked here the longest, but my co-workers just make fun of me,” said Nayeon. “Last time, when we were eating lunch, I was saving my favorite dish to eat last. But Sana and Chaeyoung just took it, thinking that I wasn’t eating it.”

Meanwhile, Sana said she was doing really well at the office, although she was running late in the mornings.

Free-spirited Chaeyoung said she liked spending her working hours on the rooftop of the office, coming up with new ideas and daydreaming.
Watch the clip: https://www.vlive.tv/video/138397.

Kim Jae-joong to perform in Vietnam


JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong appeared on V Live with some good news for fans in Vietnam.

“It was four years ago when I last met my Vietnamese fans,” said Kim. “And finally, we will meet. In July, I will be visiting Vietnam and appear on ‘V Heartbeat.’”

He expressed excitement about the upcoming concert in Vietnam, and about the chance to meet his fans there.

“I am excited to eat good Vietnamese food as well, including Bahn Mi and Vietnamese coffee,” he said. “Please recommend some other foods I should try.”

Watch the clip: https://www.vlive.tv/video/138335.

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