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5 K-pop acts who look to BTS’ V as role model

  • Published : Feb 13, 2019 - 10:57
  • Updated : Feb 13, 2019 - 10:57


BTS’ V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, is one of few K-pop acts equipped with top-notch talents; with his outstanding dance performances, vocals and songwriting skills he has already carved out a distinct identity in the scene, earning perhaps the most devoted and massive global K-pop fan base.

So it comes as no surprise that the fan-favorite BTS vocalist has become a role model for other K-pop artists.

Here are a few rising K-pop acts who have been truly forthcoming about their admiration for V.

1. Park Ji-hoon, formerly of Wanna One


Park Ji-hoon, who now shares a deep fellowship with V, had previously named the BTS vocalist as his role model on a variety show, saying he enjoys imitating the “sexy” face V makes on the stage.

Their friendship budded, as V, touched by Park’s public acknowledgement, reached out and invited the then Wanna One bandmate for a gaming session. Both are known to be avid game lovers.

Later in November last year, the two were seen hugging and chatting at the MGA awards in Incheon.

Having debuted with since-defunct project boy band Wanna One, Park held his first solo fan meeting at Kyung Hee University’s Grand Peace Hall in Seoul on Feb. 2.

2. Younghoon of the Boyz


Younghoon is another big fan of V. The Boyz bandmate professed his love for V during a radio show in November last year, talking about how he endured his trainee years by looking up to V.

“V is an all-mighty singer whose onstage acting, dance performance and facial expressions are just perfect. I used to watch his performance videos as a trainee and especially loved the music video of ‘Hormone War.’ I would really like to meet him in person in the future,” Younghoon said.


The affection for V was also projected on his cellphone, as he once boasted a V-themed mobile wallpaper during a V Live broadcast.

The Boyz recently announced a plan to visit six Asian cities, including Hong Kong, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore, as part of its “The Castle” world tour.

3. Jaehyun of Golden Child


It seems that V, known for his impeccable sense of style, has become a fashion inspiration for Jaehyun. In a magazine interview in July last year, Jaehyun said he takes his fashion cues from V’s media photos.

“V’s outbound fashion (which he styles for himself) is amazing, as if somebody delicately dressed him up. Whenever I see his photos, I save them on my cellphone to take notes of his looks,” said Jaehyun.

V is one of the most fashion-minded K-pop musicians, whose fashion choices always grab attention.

Not only his high-profile red carpet looks, such as at the Billboard Music Awards, but also his casual off-duty outfits have often been recognized by global fashion magazines like Vogue and Elle.

4. Paul Kim


Singer-songwriter Paul Kim recently outed himself as a huge fan of BTS, and V in particular.

On a recent radio show, Kim gushed about how he fell for BTS after meeting the group at a recent K-pop awards show, where he was the only solo act among the other groups. At the event, V was spotted inviting Kim, who was sitting alone, to join his group, chatting with him so he didn’t feel isolated.

“It was the first time I met BTS, and they kindly took care of me. After watching their eye-popping performance, I immediately became (part of the group’s fan club) Army,” he said.

Kim also thanked BTS for supporting his new single, “Green Light,” through the act’s Twitter account, saying, “BTS supported my song even when a lot of people didn’t know me.”

In reciprocation, Kim recently covered V’s new self-composed track “Scenery,” which has been greatly appreciated by BTS fans.

Kim and V, who surprisingly share “Kim Tae-hyung” as their actual name, have reportedly gone on to become real-life friends.

5. Bao of Lucente


Bao of Lucente, a K-pop rookie group that debuted in September last year with the EP “The Big Deeper,” said he has been a huge fan of V and he always takes on V’s part when covering BTS songs.

The group also said it drew inspiration from the way BTS had communicated with fans even before its official debut.

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)

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