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SHINee’s Key talks about what to expect from first solo album ‘Face’

By Yim Hyun-su

  • Published : Nov 26, 2018 - 18:26
  • Updated : Nov 26, 2018 - 18:26

Key of SHINee said he wanted to prove he could pull off making new music as a solo artist despite a hectic schedule.

On Friday, the singer will release “Face,” his first solo album in his 10-year career, which includes a track produced by American DJ and producer Skrillex.

The record is testament to not only Key’s musical versatility but his determination to prove he can get the best of both worlds: making music and starring in films.

He stars in a movie set to be released next year.

“I haven’t seen many artists who can juggle doing entertainment programs, drama series, films and making a record at the same time, and I wanted to show that it’s possible,” he said during a showcase event for the solo album on Monday.

The lead single “One of Those Nights” features acoustic guitar riffs and house beats, coupled with sentimental lyrics that depict someone who has just broken up.

Skrillex and Valentino Khan worked together on the electro dance music number “Chemicals.” Packed with strong bass riffs, the song was first revealed at this year’s HERA Seoul Fashion Week.

Key, who hopes to reach a new audience with the upcoming album, says his priorities have changed over the years.

“In the past, I used to be a lot more concerned with chart performances and digital singles, but nowadays I’m more focused on proving that I’m able to put effort into my work and basically showing that I can do it,“ he said.

Describing “This Life,” a fitting title for the last track, Key said the lyrics were written from the perspective of someone considering quitting a job.

“Most people who work sometimes imagine what it’s like when the moment to quit comes,” the singer said before adding, “I’ve had similar thoughts from time to time over the last 10 years but never got to express them in the form of writing, which made me thought it would be fun to do so.”

Items like an old pair of jeans and handwritten letters mentioned in the lyrics are more of metaphors than episodes from his life, Key said, before ruling out the prospect of quitting music anytime soon.

Though the singer will tour Japan later this year, there are no plans for a concert in Korea this year, Key confirmed during the event.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)

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