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‘Memories of the Alhambra’ promises CG magic

By Yim Hyun-su

  • Published : Nov 25, 2018 - 13:09
  • Updated : Nov 25, 2018 - 13:09

Cable channel tvN is set to kick off the new weekend series “Memories of the Alhambra” on Dec. 1, just a few days after the pilot episode of another high-profile drama series “Encounter” airs on the channel.

The show starring Hyun Bin and Park Shin-hye revolves around the relationship between Yoo Jin-woo and Jung Hee-joo who cross paths with each other at an old hostel in Granada, Spain.

Yoo visits the city on business and happens to stay at a hostel that Jung runs before the two get involved in a mysterious incident.

Adding to the excitement is the impressive lineup with Hyun returning to the small screen after a three-year hiatus since he stared in “Hyde Jekyll, Me” in 2015.

With the show taking the theme of augmented reality games, viewers got a glimpse into the impressive CG work that show has in store, including a glorious sword bestowed upon Yoo during a suspense-packed trailer unveiled Friday.

In the short but memorable teaser, Yoo says, “Magic, I came all the way here to see this magic,” as his eyes turn blue, drumming up excitement for sci-fi and fantasy fans.

The show appears to be in the hands of the right person as writer Song Jae-jung behind the show has written the script for another series “W” which also features a cross between reality and fantasy.

The pilot episode of “Memories of the Alhambra” will air at 9 p.m. on Saturday.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)