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3 dishes that propelled Mamamoo’s Hwasa to meokbang stardom

By Yim Hyun-su

  • Published : Aug 7, 2018 - 15:48
  • Updated : Aug 7, 2018 - 15:48

Known for her signature eye-makeup and impressive rap skills, the member of the girl band Mamamoo seems to have found yet another talent recently: meokbang.

Some thought it was just a fad when hundreds of videos and GIFs of Hwasa eating gopchang appeared online after her meokbang segment on national TV.

But skeptics were proven wrong after the singer made almost every single dish she ate popular and trendy, solidifying her unparalleled position as the K-pop queen of meokbang.

The singer was recently asked about the reason behind her series of successful meokbangs while filming the JTBC show “Idol Room.” She said she thought it is because she appreciates the food wholeheartedly.

Hwasa eats gopchang alone at a barbecue restaurant. (MBC)

Here are the three dishes whose popularity soared soon after Hwasa ate them on TV.

Gopchang (Beef intestines)

Hwasa soon became the queen of mukbang after making an appearance on the MBC series “I Live Alone” where she finished a substantial portion of gopchang, a barbecued cow intestine dish, followed by an order of a fried rice.

She single-handedly brought gopchang into the mainstream and beyond, with viewers of the show reportedly lining up at the restaurant to make their own judgment about the food.

Moved by the soaring popularity of gopchang in the wake of Hwasa’s mukbang on “I Live Alone,” she was given a plaque of appreciation by a “gopchang association.”

ganjang gejang
Gejang (Marinated raw crab)

The rising meokbang star continued her successful gopchang meokbang by eating gangjang gejang like a pro. The dish is made up of raw crabs marinated in soy sauce.

With her hair tied up in a bun and wearing a baggy T-shirt, the singer devoured her ganjang gejang with two bowls of rice during a July episode of “I Live Alone.”

Hwasa devoured gim-bugak while wearing casual clothes. (MBC)
Gim-bugak (Seaweed chips)

During the same episode of “I Live Alone” in which she ate gejang, she was also seen enjoying gim-bugak, salty seaweed chips, sent to her by her mother.

The singer enjoyed the crispy snack, making crunchy sounds and unintentionally providing great ASMR material for both the panel watching her at the studio as well as millions of viewers across the country.

By Yim Hyun-su (hyunsu@heraldcorp.com)

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