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‘Miss Hammurabi’ to search for warmhearted justice

  • Published : May 21, 2018 - 18:15
  • Updated : May 21, 2018 - 18:15

While foreign superheroes and people with supernatural powers are taking up the local cinema screens, stories of desperate ordinary people will propel JTBC’s new series “Miss Hammurabi.”

The series is an adaptation of a best-selling novel of the same title, written by real-life judge Moon Yoo-suk, who also participated in the scriptwriting of the series.

The story will center on three judges with completely different perspectives. Go A-ra plays a rookie judge while Kim Myung-soo, better known as Infinite’s L, and actor Sung Dong-il are to play the two other judges.

Kim Myung-soo (from left), Go A-ra and Sung Dong-il (Jtbc)
Instead of focusing on big cases, “Miss Hammurabi” will deal with small yet intensely fought civil cases that one can come across in everyday life.

“It’s not a large-scale production with an amazing storyline. I have been wanting to do a drama that really deals with people. The series centers on people’s real, desperate stories,” director Kwank Jung-hwan said at a media briefing held Monday in western Seoul.

“I talked with judge Moon in 2007 and I said it would be nice if a doctor could write a medical drama and a law professional could write a courtroom drama, as the scripts will be much more detailed and real. More than 10 years after the conversation, my wish has come true,” he said.

The director stressed that Moon’s some 20 years of experience as a judge is reflected in the script. “Miss Hammurabi” is to ask what we have to do next, after being upset with the older generation’s faults, how we can initiate changes.”

The new Monday-Tuesday series is highly anticipated with actors Go and Sung working together for the third time. The two starred together as father and daughter in series “Reply 1994” and “Hwarang.”

Go stressed that she tried to gain as much hands-on experience as possible. “I went to court and watched Judge Moon handle a case. Also, I met a female judge who is similar to my character. It helped a lot in understanding my role,” she said.

“Contrary to my expectation, judges go through many inner conflicts. I had thought, judges just sit at courts with a solemn face, but they have to listen carefully to everyone. Listening is the first part of the job,” Kim said.

Meanwhile, Yoon Tae-young who was to star in the series has dropped out of the show. Yoon was caught driving under the influence of alcohol on May 14. As the actor has decided to step down from everything, reshooting of the series is unavoidable. His scenes from the pre-produced series will be deleted and shot with another actor.

The 16-part courtroom TV series will air its first episode on Monday at 11 p.m.

By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@herladcorp.com)