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GOT7 to promote fire safety with Korea National Fire Agency

  • Published : Mar 9, 2018 - 20:36
  • Updated : Mar 9, 2018 - 20:36


K-pop boy band GOT7 will promote fire safety as ambassadors of Korea National Fire Agency.

The agency said Friday that it hopes to remind people of the importance of fire safety by working with the global K-pop act, which will engage in KNFA’s upcoming projects starting from the S.A.V.E campaign.

Shortened from “Super Heroes Attract Valuable Energies,” a domination campaign that aims to encourage Korean fire fighters. “Reward products” including planner, postcard sets, sweatshirts, eco bags and pouch sets will be available for sale through Naver‘s Happy Bean Fund. All of the proceeds will be donated to fire fighters and burn victims. The S.A.V.E campaign will start on April 15.

GOT7 will also participate in the photo exhibition on the 1st floor of the KNFA from March 9 to April 8.

“With GOT7, we hope to create an opportunity to promote fire safety to the younger generation with the group’s active and young image,” said an agency official of KNFA.

GOT7 is set to release its new album “Eyes on You” and its lead track “Look” on March 12.

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