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[V Report] Hyoyeon makes solo debut with “Mystery”

  • Published : Dec 2, 2016 - 14:24
  • Updated : Dec 2, 2016 - 14:24

Broadcast date: Dec. 1
Starring: Hyoyeon of Girls‘ Generation, Hoya and Dongwoo of Infinite

Hyoyeon of GIrls’ Generation


Hyoyeon of veteran idol group Girls’ Generation greeted fans as a solo artist on Naver’s live broadcast Thursday, nine years after she first made her debut.

She revealed her first solo single, “Mystery” and talked about the story behind new album.

Describing the new song’s genre as being influenced by Latin American music, she said this is her first time to try the new concept.

“I have worked on so many genres as a Girls’ Generation member. This style really fits my husky voice,” she added.

The 27-year-old member continued to cheer the other members of her idol group.

“I let my fellow members to listen to the song and everybody was surprised. They asked if the singing voice was really mine,” she said. “They also told me I rock. When I get compliments from my members, I feel much more confident.”

On the way to her first solo music video shoot, she said she was worried.

“There were so many employees waiting for me, and I really pushed myself to do my best.”

On the live broadcast, she danced to her idol group’s song, “Mr. Taxi” and “Hoot,” doubling the speed of the songs.

She introduced her new song as well, showing off her dance skills.

“What do you think? I was so nervous, showing you guys the dance for the very first time,” she asked the fans after she finished.

The new song was released Friday through SM Entertainment’s “Station” channel. Hyoyeon will make her first solo stage debut on KBS’s “Music Bank” Friday.



K-pop boy group Infinite’s two members, Dongwoo and Hoya popped up on Naver’s live broadcast Thursday while having a night snack.

“10 p.m. is when I am really hungry,” Hoya started, recommending the viewers also to have some night snacks.

The live show was focused on food.

“Today we will also say random things whether they make sense or not,” Hoya added to explain about the Thursday’s show.

Dongwoo thanked the staff that gathered for the V app show that day, explaining that the biggest number came to watch the show for the live broadcast.

“I am sure when you workout after having night snacks, you lose more weight,” Dongwoo said, making surrounding people and fans laugh.

“Your thighs are where you can burn most of your calories. Do a lot of Squats,” he added.

He also said he loves steamed pork and pizza.

“You know, we invited only a few friends to Dongwoo’s birthday party and about 30 people came,” Hoya revealed.

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By Jo He-rim (herim@heraldcorp.com)

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