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Ad image on ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ preview upsets viewers

  • Published : Jul 18, 2016 - 17:10
  • Updated : Jul 18, 2016 - 17:10

Some viewers of “Uncontrollably Fond,” a Korean TV drama series airing on KBS, are voicing their complaints about the appearance of an O Hui advertisement in the preview of the drama‘s fifth episode.

The advertisement featured actress Shin Min-a, girlfriend of actor Kim Woo-bin who plays the lead role in the drama.

Viewers have complained that the appearance of Shin deterred them from focusing on the drama‘s love plot unfolded by Kim and Suzy. Kim plays the role of Shin Joon-young, a terminally ill young man who has feelings for a woman named No Eul, played by singer-actress Suzy.

“Will we next see an advertisement with Lee Min-ho for a future preview of this drama?” one viewer commented online. Lee is a Korean actor who is the real-life boyfriend of Suzy.

“Shin Min-a’s face hinders me from focusing on the story of the drama. And I think I will think of Shin Min-a when I look at Kim Woo-bin now,” another viewer commented online.

The fourth episode of the drama, which aired on Thursday, ended with Shin asking No to date him. Shin, trying to cover up his outnumbered days, says to No, “Will you date me? Let’s pretend that I will die in three months. Will you date me for just three months -- really passionately?” The episode ended right before No provides a response to that question, and was succeeded by a preview of the next episode.

It was during this preview that a small advertisement of O Hui, a Korean cosmetics brand featuring model Shin Min-a, was shown on screen. The advertisement coincided with the image of Kim next to the advertisement. Shin and Kim first met each other while modeling for Giordano, a Korean apparel brand, in February 2015. The two have been dating since May 2015.

By Lee Ji-hae (jihlee@heraldcorp.com)