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[V Report] 10cm pranked to go busking in Hongdae

  • Published : Apr 2, 2016 - 12:10
  • Updated : Apr 2, 2016 - 12:10

April 1
Starring: 10cm, DINO of Seventeen, Time Renegades casts (Im Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok, Lee Jin-wook), Changjo of TEEN TOP, RoadBoyz, KNK, and others.


10cm (Naver V App)

The indie duo band had a live broadcast on the V App, presenting a song “You Like Spring?,” which instead of celebrating spring, ironically points out that not everyone might be happy about the blossoming of cherry blossoms during the season.

They previously announced that they would release a positive song about spring.

The duo explained to viewers why they had come up with a sarcastic song.

“There are too many songs out there for couples but not many for singles. We care about them,” Yun Chul-jong, the guitarist, said.

“Indeed, there are people who are not happy to see cherry blossoms,” the main vocalist Kwon jung-yeol added. “Those without a girlfriend or a boyfriend will sympathize with lyrics such as ‘Why don’t I have one?’ and ‘The air is warm, so why did I get the flu?’”

10cm (Naver V App)

The two members were also pranked by staff on April Fool’s day. They had been told that they were heading to meet the agency’s CEO. However, they wound up in Hongdae where a set had been prepared on the street for a live performance session.

They started off with the song “Love in the Milkyway Cafe,” released in 2011 and went on to sing several songs including “I’m gonna die” (2010) and their latest song “You Like Spring?”

The band, known for hit songs such as “Americano” (2010), debuted in 2010 with the album “The First EP.”

MOVIE Time Renegades -- Im Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok, Lee Jin-wook

Time Renegades casts (Naver V App)

The main cast of the movie “Time Renegades” -- Im Soo-jung, Cho Jung-seok, and Lee Jin-wook -- greeted fans via the V App, promoting their new movie that will be in theaters on April 13.

The movie is a thriller in which the two male leads come from different time periods -- Cho from 1983 and Lee, a detective from 2015. The characters meet each other in their dreams to save a woman, played by Im.

The two male actors competed to win a trip to Phuket, Thailand. The one who could make Im’s heart beat faster after a hug would be the winner.

Cho hugs Im. (Naver V App)

Cho won as Im’s heart rate reached 108 bpm. Her heart rate remained at 70 bpm when Lee hugged her.

But the prize turned out to be fake as it was an April Fool’s prank.

When Lee was asked what he would be doing if he was living in 1983, he said, “I think I would be farming. Really. I bet I would do well with beans or potatoes.”

“I haven’t thought about it. Women in 1983 were more feminine. Still, I think I would be a person who tries to do what I like to do even in that time,” said Im to the same question.

The V app show ended with more than 75,000 hearts.

DINO of Seventeen

DINO of Seventeen (Naver V App)

DINO, 18, the youngest member of boy band Seventeen, shyly greeted fans on the V app. He was wearing a blue cap backwards.

“I don’t know how to set the camera’s angle. There are so many things I do for the first time nowadays. I don’t usually wear my cap backwards either,” he said.

He interacted with viewers, reading comments and answering questions through the app.

“I had mackerel for my meal. You know there are cherry blossoms on the streets of my company. The weather is getting better to enjoy spring,” he said.

“I’m getting used to my new class in high school. Tomorrow is Saturday and we don’t have to go to school. Enjoy the good feeling since you can sleep in.”

Changjo of TEEN TOP

Changjo of TEEN TOP (Naver V App)

Changjo of the boy band TEEN TOP appeared on the V App on Friday to have coffee with viewers.

At the beginning of the broadcast, he told viewers that he had gotten a haircut and that his face looked puffy.

“When I came out from my house, the weather was really nice. But you should take jackets with you when you go out so that you can wear them at night (when it gets chilly),” he said.

He talked about cherry blossoms and suggested taking a lot of pictures.

The 22-year-old boy band member also sang several songs, including “No Make Up” by Zion. T and “Sometimes” by CRUSH.

“I haven’t really sang many songs without the members,” he said.


Music Works Entertainment opened a V App channel on Friday, releasing a clip that showed stars from the agency including Baek Z Young, Song Yu-vin and U Sung-eun.

Yu-jin, In-seong and Hee-jun of the five-member boy band KNK appeared in their 20th episode on the V App. They sang a Korean pop song “Only You,” or “Dang-sin man-ee” on Friday.

Rookie boy band Road Boyz went to a forsythia flower festival in Eun-bongsan Mountain where it did a treasure hunt.

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By Jo He-rim (herim@heraldcorp.com)

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