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The hidden secret to GFriend’s music videos

  • Published : Jan 25, 2016 - 17:36
  • Updated : Jan 25, 2016 - 17:36

As expected, rookie girl group GFriend’s latest song “Time Flies(Rough)” is topping the local music charts. This time, their agency unveiled three different versions of their teaser music videos to excite the fans even more.

Again, GFriend is back with a beautiful music video that gives even more power to the song itself. But when viewed closely, the three music videos starting from their debut song, have a strangely compelling continuity to it.

The secret is, that they are expressing the life of a school girl through the overall concept of the music videos revealed so far.

(Still from "Glass Beads")

In the MV of their debut song “Glass beads,” they presented the girls entering school together. As the song starts with a bell ringing, the six girls happily begin their school year. As Korean schools begin their first semester in March, the released song has a spring-like touch to it.

(Still from "Me Gusta Tus")

Their life as students continues in the second music video, “Me gusta tu” with the theme of summer vacation. In the clip, they are presumably on a trip to the countryside to spend their summer break well. The girls enjoy their holidays day and night, spraying water on each other or enjoying popsicles in the humid night air.


Finally in the latest release “Rough”, GFriend returns with a matured look compared to the previous videos, symbolizing their graduation. The clip starts off by showing the girls leaving school hand in hand.

(Still from "Rough")

Some visit each of the empty classrooms, reminding themselves of the memories they had at school over the past few years. One of the members even directly show that the girls are graduating as she is holding up a flower that most students receive at the graduation ceremony. In the latter part of the video, they finally meet together to share the memories and celebrate the end of their teenage years.

So far, their productions deserve praise and compliments for providing a great quality of work. Now that GFriend has finished off their “school years” in their music videos, fans are looking forward to their next video.

By Kim Ji-young(christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

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