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[V Report] Lee Jong-suk, Joo Won, Kim Tae-hee heat up Friday night

  • Published : Sept 12, 2015 - 11:22
  • Updated : Sept 12, 2015 - 11:22

Broadcast date: Sept. 11
Starring: Joo Won, Kim Tae-hee, BTS, Day6, Lee Jong-suk, Jun Jin, Jun Hyo-sung, Eric Nam, Monsta X, 2PM’s Junho, N.Flying, DMCF -- “King of Masked Singers”

Three iconic hallyu stars -- Kim Tae-hee, Joo Won and Lee Jong-suk -- heated up Friday night, while K-pop stars including BTS, Day6, Jun Jin and Jun Hyo-sung also joined in to interact with fans around the world.

(Naver V)

Joo Won jumped onto V screen at 10:30 p.m. alongside Kim Tae-hee, his costar in the ongoing hit TV series “Yong-pal.” The two gave a tour of the SBS drama set in Tanhyeon, Gyeonggi Province, introducing some of the staff including the chief producer.

“It’s the first time we finished shooting before midnight,” said Joo Won. “So, we’re going to have dinner together.”

(Naver V)

It was Lee Jong Suk's 2nd live broadcast, while he packed the shirts and hoodies he designed with his colleagues. He also introduced one of his friends from high school who worked with him for the project.

“He is nice and unpretentious,” his friend said. “He’s never changed even after he became a star,” adding that Lee was quite popular among fellow students but only hung out with a small group of close friends.

The hallyu star also had a small event for viewers to guess what he had for lunch. The first one to guess it was to get free fried chicken and a phone call from the actor.

“Japanese cuisine made of octopus,” as soon as Lee gave a hint, a lucky fan guessed it correctly; it was Takoyaki, a fish ball made of octopus and vegetables. The lucky fan, a 26-year-old bag designer, was able to have a phone conversation with the “Pinocchio” star.

And more …

(Naver V)

Jun Hyo-sung went live with her house tour, first showing off her dressing table with all drawers and shelves filled with loads of makeup stuff including lipsticks, perfumes, eye shadows and more.

She also introduced some of her favorite items, suggesting trendy makeup styles for the autumn. On fans’ request, she also showed her collection of teddy bears and accessories, while constantly chatting with fans about her diet, her ongoing drama and even her favorite flavored soju.

Shinhwa’s Jun Jin, who recently dropped a solo album, came in a little late due to his schedule. He was in his van, while inviting fans for his solo concert to be held in October, adding, “I hope many of you come to my concert. You’ll regret if you miss it,” provoking laughter among fans. The singer also extended thanks to his fans for consistently supporting him.

(Naver V)

BTS popped up on the screen for a surprise birthday party for Rap Monster’s 22nd birthday, while Rookie group Day6 members tuned in and introduced themselves.

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By Ko Ji-seon (jiseon@heraldcorp.com)

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