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[V Report] 10 reasons Xion of Oneus loves fans

  • Published : Aug 23, 2020 - 17:02
  • Updated : Aug 23, 2020 - 17:02

Broadcast date: Aug. 22-23
Starring: Oneus, Twice, Itzy, KARD

Xion of Oneus shares why he loves fans


Xion of Oneus took some time to connect with fans before wrapping up his day.

“I’m taking to this broadcast after finishing our music show performance and our fan event. I just missed you guys so much,” said the Oneus vocalist.

“It’s going to be short, as I have a hectic schedule tomorrow,” he added.

He continued the casual conversation, boasting his new hairstyle and sharing that he was really enjoying it.

As viewers asked him why he loved ToMoons, Oneus’ fan group, Xion became serious and started listing reasons he loves his fans so much.

“First, you guys are really pretty, like when I see you, it makes me think, ‘wow, they look so nice, this feels so nice,’” he said.

“Second, I’ve been saying this even before my debut that I wanted to have a friend-like relationship with my fans. And I think I’m really becoming friends with ToMoons. I feel like I made so many new friends. Third, I can really depend on you guys, as you always encourage me.”

He went on, “Wow, it might take a whole night to talk about it. Fourth, I’m not really used to talking about my own stuff and feelings, but you make me comfortable to spill my stories.”

Continuing until he rounded enough for a top 10 list, he once again expressed his gratitude for fans, saying, “Even for today, I’m grateful that I can chat with you and collect memories even at this late hour, whenever, wherever.”

Oneus recently dropped the new single “To Be or Not to Be.”

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/209253

Twice’s Jungyeon boasts new makeup


Jungyeon surprised fans with a quick V Live attack.

The video lasted less than two minutes, but fans were pleased to get a sneak peek into what the girl group was up to.

After showing her face, freshly done with makeup, Jungyeon featured Jihyo and Sana, who were sitting next to her. Seemingly busy before going on a shoot, the bandmates looked surprised at the camera at first, but soon communicated with viewers.

“I just received makeup in Go Moon-young’s style,” she said, referring to the character from popular TV series “It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.”

“How do I look?” asked Jungyeon, putting her face on display.

Sana also said, “Well, I’m not supposed to be showing my new hair, but it’s already out. I guess it will be okay.”

“We will be starting a shooting soon. Please look forward to it!” said the band.

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/209196

Itzy showcases various charms of ‘Not Shy’


Itzy unveiled a practice video for the recent single “Not Shy.”

Befitting the song’s boisterous hip-hop and pop sounds, the bandmates danced to the song while clad in black-and-white street fashion. Fans were also pleased to see their various charms in a more realistic frame.

As newcomers on the scene and the first girl group coming out of JYP since Twice debuted in 2015, the five-piece act made a big splash with debut single “Dalla Dalla.”

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/209150

KARD ready to fire away with ‘Way With Words’


KARD is ready to fire off one powerful bullet in the group’s upcoming single “Gunshot.”

In the new song’s concept video released via the V Live channel, the singers set the tone for what’s to come by featuring various mysterious objects, such as a gunshot, keyboard, pencil, camera, scar and a mask with the mouth sewn shut.

Eerie yet powerful, the movie-like clip featured a drastic shift in the group’s image, landing on a much darker concept. “Gunshot” will lead the group’s new single album, “Way With Words,” an album that tackles the power of words and language.

Rising co-ed group KARD has been a standout in the K-pop scene with its distinctive Latin dance-influenced sonic style that diverges from the K-pop norm. From the start, KARD has successfully differentiated itself from others by releasing its three predebut singles “Oh Nana” “Don’t Recall” and “Rumor.” And before hitting the K-pop scene, the group gained wide popularity in both North and South America, where its Latin-tinged dancehall and reggaeton tunes were warmly received.

KARD is set to release “Way With Words” on Wednesday.

Watch the full clip at: https://www.vlive.tv/video/209094

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