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[V Report] NCT fans: ‘Happy birthday, Doyoung!’

  • Published : Feb 2, 2020 - 17:21
  • Updated : Feb 2, 2020 - 17:21

Broadcast dates: Feb. 1-2
Starring: NCT, Stray Kids, Mamamoo, Victon

NCT member Doyoung took to V Live on his birthday as viewers celebrated the special day.

The singer was in his room late Saturday night as he chose “Shine on You” by Onew as the first track for his stream.

(Naver's Live)
Pointing out the necklace he was wearing, he explained that it was a birthday gift from his label, S.M. Entertainment, along with the traditional birthday gifts of cake and Champagne.

When asked what he was up to, the NCT member said he’d slept in, gone out for a meal with his bandmates and attended a Japanese language class.

He also told viewers that fellow member Yuta had taken him shopping for a gift because the Japanese member had insisted on buying him something he could use. The two ended up buying a pair of quality slippers.

Another member, Johnny, had pleasantly surprised him with a camera.

Fans also celebrated his birthday in the chat, sending birthday wishes his way along with over 35 million hearts -- a feature on V Live that viewers can use by tapping the screen.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/173397.

Stray Kids talk about style

The musicians from Stray Kids struck a casual tone during Sunday’s livestream from their hotel room, with fans on V Live touching on various topics including their English skills and fashion sense.

I.N was asked to pay three compliments to his bandmate Han.

(Naver's Live)
But Han stepped up to the challenge himself, saying, “First of all, I’m handsome, tall and well-proportioned.”

After laughing at the comment, I.N said he liked Han but that he was an even worse dresser than I.N, prompting Han to defend himself by saying confidence means so much when it comes to fashion.

The discussion saw viewers chime in, with one commenter saying I.N dresses well in his private time.

Han said I.N’s style had improved over time, poking fun at his past fashion sense.

Dressed all in black, fellow band members Changbin and Chan also joined the two briefly during the stream, which racked up over 230,000 views.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/173409.

Moonbyul of Mamamoo vlogs about her day

Mamamoo member Moonbyul shared her day during her latest vlog.

(Naver's Live)
The singer started off “Weird Day Vlog” in the bathroom, without really showing her face at first.

“I’m going out after showering. I can’t think straight as I finished work really late last night,” the singer said in a husky voice.

In the next scene, she was in a van wearing a mask and a cap.

The singer appeared to be in a good mood as she teased viewers over a mysterious guest she described as her “friend” and her “punch line.”

Nearly halfway through the video, the guest appeared. She turned out to be Punch, a K-pop singer whose real name is Bae Jin-young.

The two seemed close as they soon began chatting casually about being on a diet.

The two laughed when Punch said she’d called up Moonbyul the night before but Moonbyul said she couldn’t remember the call.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/173394

Heochan of Victon pulls off oversized glasses

Heochan from the seven-piece boy band Victon pulled off a pair of oversized glasses as he talked to fans on V Live.

(Naver's Live)
Sporting slightly disheveled hair and a navy shirt with the top buttons undone, the singer sat down in front of a desktop computer.

“Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you,” he said before switching straight to the topic of his glasses.

“There are no lenses in these glasses,” he said.

The fashionable star played a number of tracks during the stream. He also touched upon the coronavirus outbreak and urged
viewers to be careful.

“You know the virus is spreading at the moment, so make sure to wear a mask wherever you go,” he said.

One viewer asked Heochan what kind of food he liked, and he answered fried chicken or pizza.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/173404

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