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[V Report] BTS shares 2nd Grammy experience with fans

  • Published : Jan 28, 2020 - 14:06
  • Updated : Jan 28, 2020 - 14:06

Broadcast date: Jan. 27-28
Starring: BTS, NCT 127, Tomorrow X Together, Victon

(Naver's V Live)

BTS went live after performing at the 2020 Grammy Awards. Although the band may not have been onstage for very long, everyone had done well, said RM.

“The fact that we went to the Grammys is great in itself,” said V.

Jimin added: “It is so incredible. The things that are happening (to us) these days are extraordinary.”

“We have become the first Koreans to perform at the awards,” said RM, expressing hope along with J-Hope that they could someday perform there on their own.

“Don’t you remember when we first went to Billboard?” asked Suga, referring to another awards show. RM replied with a smirk that they had simply received their award and gone home.

The bandmates agreed when Suga said they would have to take one step at a time, and RM briefly explained the nomination process. V was surprised that the band was also part of the 20,000 members and Jimin laughed and reminded him that they had voted for themselves.

They admitted that they didn’t yet fully understand the meaning of the Grammys but said it meant a lot seeing how solemn other big-name performers had been before going onstage. For their collaborative gig, everyone -- including Lil’ Nas X and Diplo -- had gathered in a circle and wished for success. V added that he’d gained some energy from the act.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/172521.

NCT 127 hopes everyone’s dreams to come true

(Naver's V Live)

Eight bandmates in the NCT subunit took to V Live to celebrate the subunit’s anniversary.

Jungwoo was the first to say hello, thanking fans for supporting him and waiting for him while he took some time off for health reasons. Doyoung explained to viewers that Haechan was absent because he was in Japan performing with NCT Dream.

Then Taeyong discussed the recently unveiled music video for “Dreams Come True,” a prerelease from their upcoming album.

“Looking at the video reminded me of the fact that we are a member of S.M. Entertainment,” he said, laughing.

“It paid homage to S.E.S and every one of us looked so dreamlike,” he added, referring to the veteran girl group that sang a song of the same title in the ’90s.

The toned-down dance moves were quite impromptu, said the bandmates, inspired by Boyz to Men and the Backstreet Boys, according to Mark and Jaehyun.

“We have liked the song right from the start of the recording and being able to share it with you on a special day added more meaning to it,” added Mark.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/172545.

Tomorrow X Together tries baking sweets

(Naver's V Live)

Taehyun of TXT livestreamed to share his attempt at making dalgona, an old-style sugar candy.

“This is my first time and I am not sure if I can make it,” he said, carefully adding sugar to the tiny pan and heating it.

“Maybe I should ask you for confirmation at every step,” said the idol, stirring the sugar and wondering out loud why it wasn’t turning to syrup.

Saying he couldn’t adjust the camera angle to show the process, he asked viewers for their understanding as he explained how it was going. He also asked the fans to give him detailed instructions.

Per viewers’ advice, Taehyun used the tip of a chopstick to add baking soda. As the mixture began to swell, he spoke faster and faster until he decided it was done. He poured the brown mixture onto a plate and blew to help it cool down, and he chuckled at the sight of what was supposed to be candy.

The performer quickly decided to give it another try. Then Hueningkai came in to sample the sweet, only to be disappointed.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/172540.

Victon‘s Seungsik does own hair, makeup for post-holiday livestream

(Naver's V Live)

The leader of Victon checked in with fans at the end of the Lunar New Year’s holidays.

Acknowledging that he still wasn’t used to 2020, he said he’d rested well at his parents’ house and had eaten quite a lot.

“I know I wanted to gain back some weight but now that I actually did, I am wondering if I looked better before,” confided the musician. He was amazed at how well his fans knew him as they peppered him with questions about whether he had enjoyed his favorite dishes made by his mother.

Seungsik thanked fans for the compliments on his looks, saying he’d done his own hair and makeup for the first time in quite a while, so that he could go on V Live, with some pride.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/172544.

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