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[V Report] On latest ‘Eat Jin,’ Jin drinks instead

  • Published : Nov 24, 2019 - 15:00
  • Updated : Nov 24, 2019 - 15:00

Broadcast dates: Nov. 23-24
Starring: BTS, AB6IX, Victon, VAV

(Naver's V Live)
BTS’ Jin livestreamed for fans on V Live on Saturday night, racking up over 3.5 million views within hours.

Streaming from his hotel room, the 26-year-old said, “We had a fan meeting event today. I’m tired and I got wet in the rain. I’m almost 30 and feel like I get easily sick.”

Then, referring to the band’s fandom community, he said, “But I came back for the Army.”

Despite the stream being titled “Eat Jin,” the BTS member said he had already eaten and would just drink a bottle of water instead.
“‘Drink Jin’ didn’t sound right, so I just went with ‘Eat Jin,’” the singer explained.

During the 30-minute show, he talked about multiple topics including skin care, his morning routine and his hair.

When a fan asked whether he had a perm, he said no but that he planned on growing his hair out a little bit.

The singer also talked about his age in a casual manner.

“I thought I wasn’t going to age when I was young. But with my busy life and everything, I’ve finally realized I’m almost 30,” the singer said before letting out a sigh.

Though Jin is turning 27 in December, he will be 29 on New Year’s Day according to the lunar calendar, which is used in South Korea to calculate ages.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/162219.

Daehwi of AB6IX

Daehwi from the five-piece group AB6IX cut a casual figure as he spoke to fans live during Saturday night’s stream.

The musician sounded rather calm, but was soon joined by bandmates who he thought had gone swimming.

(Naver's V Live)
Things took an interesting turn as the band members teased each other.

Daehwi was jokingly accused of not wearing pants, but he shrugged off the teasing.

Suddenly the group was talking about coriander and Daehwi said he couldn’t stand the taste, comparing it to the smell of dish soap.

Sporting a red beanie and a pair of glasses coupled with a shower gown, the singer maintained a relaxing tone throughout the hourlong livestream.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/162223.

Heochan of Victon live streams in colorful shirt

Heochan from the group Victon talked to fans from the comfort of his own bed.

The singer appeared on camera in a colorful shirt while resting his chin on his hand.

“I was going to shower and then go to bed but I couldn’t sleep,” he said in a soothing voice.

(Naver's V Live)
Since he’d already showered and washed his face, some fans were sweet enough to tell him to go to bed soon.

“You know ,we have our last ‘Inkigayo’ appearance tomorrow and I’m feeling bittersweet,” he said.

“Did you see Byungchan’s stream on V Live? I saw him doing it and wanted to come and say hi as well.”

It appeared the singer’s decision to follow in the footsteps of his bandmate was a success as the stream racked up over 70,000 views.

Heochan also that added it wasn’t solely Byungchan’s influence as he said he’d been complimented by a fan during a signing event for their livestreams on V Live.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/162231.

VAV’s Baron says hi from Paris

Baron of VAV briefly caught up with fans from his hotel room in Paris on Saturday during a late-night dinner. Meanwhile, viewers in Korea were watching him on Sunday in the early morning hours.

“Bonsoir,” he said before asking, “Can you hear my voice?”

(Naver's V Live)
As the singer was enjoying his pho in his hotel room in the French capital after a concert, he explained rather softly that he had decided to livestream after showering.

Enjoying his Vietnamese food, the singer couldn’t stop thanking fans for the fun he’d had during Saturday night’s concert.
Baron looked hungry as he devoured the spring rolls and pho.

“I’m tired but I didn’t want to call it a night just yet. I thought (going live on V Live) might make today feel longer,” he said.

“Tomorrow, we head to London to perform,” the singer said. The group is currently on a European tour that began on the 18th in Cologne and will come to an end in Lisbon on the 25th.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/162238.

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