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Playlist: 10 songs of Seventeen to round off this summer

  • Published : Aug 27, 2019 - 11:09
  • Updated : Aug 27, 2019 - 11:09


The scorching weather coupled with torrential downpours are wading, and what also rounds off this summer is Seventeen, the 13-piece multinational boy band that has became almost synonymous with “summer” in the world of K-pop.

Since its debut in 2015, Seventeen has carved out its own niche with its signature playful and quirky musical style. As it expanded its dynamic sonic scape, often coupled with energizing electro and funky synths, the prolific act quickly captured the attention of international audiences, especially in Japan, to become a mainstay on global charts.

After closing out this summer with its concert series in Seoul at the end of this month, the band is set to kick off a busy autumn season with a brand new album.

So before the new season kicks in, here are our handpicked 10 anthems of the group that will blow off the remaining heat.

1. “Adore U” (2015)

The lead single off the group’s debut EP “17 Carat,” is an addictive song that has not only shaped the act’s musical identity but also set the group apart from typically churned-out K-pop tunes.

Hailed as one of the best debut singles from K-pop bands, the funk-driven pop successfully grabbed attention with its dance-ready hook that encapsulated the group’s jubilant perkiness.

Written by band members Woozi, Vernon and S.Coups, “Adore U” also served as a testament to the multifaceted group’s musicality.

2. “Pretty U” (2016)

Effusive and buoyant from the beginning to the end, this bubblegum pop is one of the fan-favorite songs from the group.

Showcasing the act’s softer side with the song’s romantic lyrics and upbeat melodies, “Pretty U” can be a perfect tune when hitting the road on one sunny summer day.

The essential single, which fronts Seventeen’s first full-length album, earned the group its first win on a local music show.

3. “Healing” (2016)

Sometimes, a side track can be as solid as the official lead track.

From Seventeen’s repackage album of its first full-length album “Love & Letter,” the ebullient pop-track is an ultimate vacation anthem that encourages people to escape from daily lives and fully enjoy, or “heal” themselves. Its message sounds rather cliched, but just listening to the track’s fresh and light tunes makes one want to jump into the ocean.

The song’s vibrant music video, which features the band members chilling out in various vacation spots like a beach and swimming pool, also gives one a sense of festivity.

4. “Love Letter” (2016)

Overflowing with the boy-next-door charm, “Love Letter” is a sweet serenade for fans. Befitting the romantic title, this feel-good track portrays the singers as heartthrobs who express their love toward their fans by writing down affectionate words on a note.

The song’s pastel-tinged music video also delivers the laid-back atmosphere, featuring Seventeen casually hanging out on the beach, taking sticker photos and happily singing in a moving van.

5. “Very Nice” (2016)

One of the act’s biggest hits, “Very Nice” is one tight ball of high energy. From its first full-length album “Love & Letter,” the explosive song blends all kinds of elements, thriving on the addictive refrain where the members belt out titular chorus “very nice” in unison.

This mood-lifting song, which has taken the band to its new career high, is especially known for bringing thousands of concertgoers to their feet at Seventeen’s concerts. The song also credits Woozi, S.Coups and Vernon as composers.

6. “Boom Boom” (2016)

As if riding a roller-coaster, this jam is full of exciting ups and downs. The lead track off Seventeen’s third EP “Going Seventeen,” “Boom Boom” is one of the songs that stays true to its dynamic nature.

Switching between various funky rhythms and soaring melodies, the bombastic dance track is reminiscent of “Very Nice,” only a bit bouncier.

Arguably one of its most accomplished works to date, “Boom Boom” had peaked to No. 5 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs chart and earned the group its first win on a local music show.

7. “Swimming Fool” (2017)

Playful in its titular wordplay, this summer jam offers some unbridled spirit of the group’s performance unit Hoshi, Jun, The 8 and Dino.

Calling themselves as “swimming fool” who’ve drowned in love, the four boys put a refreshing spin on the summer dance track and harmonize over the song that blends tropical elements and rhythmic synths. “Swimming Fool” comes from the band’s fourth EP “Al1.”

8. “Pinwheel” (2017)

Kicking off with an emotional piano melody, “Pinwheel” is one of Seventeen’s most beautiful ballads that suits well with the early autumn breeze.

Sang by four vocalists, it is lush with breathy vocals that give the song a tender radiance.

The soothing sound of waves at the end of the song also gives one a reason to add it on one’s end-of-summer playlist.

9. “Run to You” (2018)

Seventeen’s sprightly image has flourished in this cross-genre jam.

The group’s first attempt at rock-pop and the lead track off the band’s fourth EP, “Run to You” is peppered with electronic guitar riffs, band-oriented sounds and evocative melodies that are reminiscent of a Japanese anime tune.

The song takes another bold step by ending abruptly, as if disappearing into an imaginary black hole in an appropriately cartoonish way.

10. “Hit” (2019)

Seventeen’s most recent single, this bops up the ante and adds some compelling twists to the group’s typical dance tracks.

Powered by explosive EDM synths and thumping rhythms that allow no time to breathe, “Hit” declares that no other summer anthem can be a match.

The intense song especially thrives on its frenzied dance breakdown and chant-like chorus that serves up a true hit.

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)