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[V Report] Stray Kids sad to wrap up European tour

  • Published : Aug 5, 2019 - 13:17
  • Updated : Aug 5, 2019 - 13:51

Broadcast dates: Aug. 4-5
Starring: Stray Kids, Monsta X, NCT 127, ITZY

The musicians from Stray Kids were satisfied with their live performance in Moscow, but at the same time sad that their showcase tour of Europe had come to an end.

(Naver's V Live)

“We had a thrust stage this time and we were so delighted to meet our fans up close,” said Bang Chan.

It was the first and last time the band performed on that type of stage during the tour and it made the experience that much more enjoyable, added Woojin.

Moreover, over 5,000 fans had sung “Happy Birthday” to Changbin, who confessed that he’d felt a lump in his throat.

“I can’t even imagine what it would feel like,” said Hyunjin.

“They also had held message cards telling us that they would always be on our side after ‘My Side,’” said Bang Chan.

“I can’t believe the tour has already come to an end. I had such a great time at all four showcases … and also got to feel how different our fans are in different countries. Thank you so much,” said Seungmin.

Watch the full video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/143128.

Monsta X full of New York vibe

Shownu and Jooheon of Monsta X took to V Live after their concert in New York.

(Naver's V Live)

“It’s been such a long while since we’ve done a livestream with just the two of us, and seeing us on the screen like this feels odd,” said the pair, admitting that they did look like Pooh and Piglet as some fans said.

After joking that they wanted to rewrite the record for the likes and views, they began talking about the band’s concert in New York.

It was a sold-out show and they could feel the unique vibe of the fans from the city, the idols said.

“We have made another movie with Monbebes here,” said Shownu, adding that it would be a romantic comedy. He wanted to ask fans at the end of the concert if they would continue to support the band by seeing the movie, but did not seem to have delivered his message as he intended, said the leader.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/143088.

NCT 127 shares moments from LA photo shoot

NCT 127 floated a short clip from the band’s recent visit to Los Angeles, giving viewers a taste of the photo magazine that will be released Aug. 29.

(Naver's V Live)

In the video, the nine-piece subunit of NCT is playing a game, tossing a tiny chocolate ball in the air and eating it with no hands.

“The one who fails should make a funny face for the camera,” suggested Jaehyun.

“This is too easy. Who can’t make it?” Yuta wondered out loud.

Most of the members had no problem catching the chocolate ball: Taeyong started the game and succeeded. Johnny, who hadn’t been sure if he could make it, caught the ball too.

“It’s a piece of cake,” said Haechan, and succeeded despite Doyoung’s discreet pull on his sleeve.

Doyoung and Taeil were the only two who failed. They had a rematch, but Taeil’s chocolate smacked him on one of his teeth. In addition to making silly poses on camera, their rooms should be designated for preparation, proposed Jaehyun.

Taeyong agreed before realizing that Doyoung was his roommate during the trip.

Watch the video at https://www.vlive.tv/video/143150.

ITZY fully enjoying hectic schedule

ITZY thanked fans for a busy week since the release of the band’s first EP.

(Naver's V Live)

“There’s been a lot going on this week, participating in an award ceremony and winning a rookie award as well as fan signing sessions,” said the girl group.

“It feels as if the showcase was held a long time ago, though, probably because we have met fans on many occasions,” said Ryujin.

“You want me to tell you something amazing?” Yuna asked in a dramatic whisper. “It has only been six days since we came out (with the new song) and the views of the music video on YouTube have already topped over 50 million,” she said, marveling at the news.

“We are so happy that we will get to meet you this often for the remaining month,” said Lia, thanking fans for showing such great support.

“Some of them even sounded hoarse from cheering us too much,” the band members said.

Watch the full clip at https://www.vlive.tv/video/143114.

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