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GFriend sings of nighttime romance with ‘Fever’

  • Published : Jul 2, 2019 - 14:58
  • Updated : Jul 2, 2019 - 14:58


With summer in full swing, GFriend is back with a new seasonal single, “Fever,” the lead track off its EP “Fever Season.”

Marking the act’s first Korean release since “Sunrise,” “Fever” is lush with expressive vocals and various pop elements, mainly dominated by moombahton rhythms and beat drops. Kicking off with the high-note vocals of Eunha, the song lyrically likens the heat of romance to a tropical night phenomenon -- a prolonged heat wave that occurs on summer nights.

Diverging from the classic summertime pop song, which GFriend had shown in last year’s “Sunny Summer,” the new single is powered by a charismatic vibe and a mature image, which the members said was the song’s main difference from their previous records.

“If our previous songs focused on synchronization of group choreographies, ‘Fever’ makes each of our swaggering charms stand out more than ever,” said SinB during the band’s showcase for the new EP in Seoul on Monday.

“We tried to keep our own sonic style and seek improvements, especially performance-wise, at the same time. Straying way from our signature emotive, nostalgia-inducing vibe, we tried to look cool this time,” Sowon added.


Further discussing the transition, the bandmates also shared how “Fever” embodied their ever-growing desire for musical development.

“I think it was natural for us to change our sonic style. We didn’t feel detached from ‘Fever’ when we first heard it. We immediately vibed with it,” said Yuju.

“I think the choreography for ‘Fever’ is the most difficult one ever. But we enjoy challenges,” said SinB.

Sowon chimed in, saying, “It’s as if reaching a higher level each time in a game.”

The band wrapped up the media event by promising fans that it would prepare cold fruit salad and ice cream for them if “Fever” scores first place on music shows.

The K-pop act debuted with EP “Season of Glass” in 2015. It has released hit songs such as “Me Gustas Tu,” “Rough,” “Fingertip,” “Love Whisper” and “Summer Rain.”

Currently on its Asian tour, GFriend is set to perform in cities including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Bangkok through August.

The eight-track EP features “Mr. Blue,” “Smile,” “Wish,” “Paradise,” “Hope,” “Flower” and an instrumental version of “Fever.”

By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)