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[Kpop Herald x TwitterBlueroom] EXID talks new album ‘We,’ boasts tight-knit bond between members

  • Published : May 15, 2019 - 16:26
  • Updated : May 15, 2019 - 16:26


Fans were shocked when EXID revealed that some of its members would be leaving its agency, but the girl group reassured fans that their friendship and musicianship would remain intact during a TwitterBlueRoom Live session in Seoul.

Just a day ahead of the release of the EP “We,” the five-piece act held an hourlong live session on Tuesday evening to talk about its upcoming record, the tight-knit friendship between members and personal details. Perky as usual, the bandmates chatted and made jokes right before going live.

After greeting fans in various languages, EXID kicked off the session by giving details about “We,” the group’s last album to be released under one agency. Earlier this month, Hani and Jeonghwa had decided not to renew their contracts with Banana Culture Entertainment, though they had denied speculation about EXID’s disbandment.


“It still has not hit me that we are releasing a new album,” said LE, the group’s rapper and primary songwriter. Jeonghwa added, “Tomorrow we have a showcase for the new album, but it feels like the event is just one of many of our schedules. We feel comfortable about it.”

Dropping hints about the new single “Me & You,” Hyelin said, “The song’s choreography includes a lot of shaking, and I lost weight. The song is also so trendy that I initially thought it wasn’t our song. There’s a big twist in the song.”

Asked to choose a color that best represents the album, Solji answered pastel pink, while Hani and LE chose sunset orange and sunflower yellow. Jeonghwa said the album is like a prism that contains various colors, while Hyelin said it reminded her of black and white flashing light.


As the bandmates have gone through hardships and weathered ups and downs together for years, conversation flowed smoothly throughout the live session -- like a casual laid-back chat between best friends. They answered questions about their individual preferences when it comes to movies, countries they’d like to visit and pet cats and dogs, but the topics seemed to boil down to one thing: friendship. Whenever they discussed fellowship, their affection for one another was tangible.

Asked when they felt most grateful for each other, Hyelin said, “I especially feel grateful when my bandmates give me a sign with their eyes whenever I make mistakes onstage, rather than with words.”

Chiming in, LE said she feels grateful for every moment with her bandmates, while Hani said she’d like to thank the members for making her laugh. “When we were going through a hard time, just being with them and laughing with them lessened my agony. I’ve never felt such an experience,” Hani said.


EXID debuted in 2012, but it only started to gain popularity when its biggest hit “Up & Down” made waves in 2014.

The bandmates have often stressed in media interviews that such struggles had made their friendship stronger.

After chatting about which member is most likely to get married first, the members wrapped up the live session by reflecting on their sever-year career in K-pop. Sharing what they had learned through activities with EXID, LE and Solji said they had learned how to accept and understand others.


Hani shared that she had learned how to like others, while Jeonghwa said she had realized how to love herself. Lastly, Hyelin shared that she learned how to let go and empty her mind.

EXID’s fifth EP, “We,” is slated for release Wednesday evening.

The group’s Blueroom live broadcast can be viewed again via the band’s official Twitter account, @EXIDofficial.

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By Hong Dam-young (lotus@heraldcorp.com)